Baldfaced Hornet


Black with white pattern on face and abdomen; large, about 1 inch long.


Bald-faced hornets are relatives of the yellowjacket. Unlike yellowjackets, bald-faced hornets do not build nests inside the walls or attics of buildings. They construct their nests on the branches of trees and shrubs, on overhangs, utility poles, houses, sheds and other structures. These wasps will aggressively attack and sting any intruder threatening or disturbing its nest. Because of their aggressive nature, they're not a DIY pest.


Bald-faced hornets are natural predators that feed on many different insects.

Baldfaced Hornet Removal

Removing their nest is the only way to effectively eliminate a baldfaced hornet colony. This should only be done by an experienced professional. The danger of stings is considerable as they will repeatedly sting if they feel threatened.

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Baldfaced Hornet
Baldfaced Hornet
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