What is the best bed bug treatment available?

There are pros and cons with every method. Some are more efficient than others. Even professionally trained dogs can miss signs of bed bugs. Most of the time, it’s wise if a professional bed bug exterminator company uses multiple methods to ensure accuracy.

what does a bed bug look like

Bed bug Control Methods

If you’re calling around to local pest control companies, you will hear the following common bed bug control methods that all guarantee efficient bed bug control. Bear in mind that some methods are only for detection and inspection purposes.

  • Technician inspection: Visual inspection of areas in quetion of bed bug introduction or infestation.
  • Canine Detection: Uses specially trained bed bug sniffing dogs to detect and identify signs of bed bugs.
  • Conventional: Uses chemicals to treat areas in question of bed bug presence.
  • Cryogenic: Freezing process to kill bed bugs.
  • Heat: Bed bug heat treatment equipment raises and sustains high temperatures to kill off bed bugs.

Early detection is key!

With any pest problem, acting on the scenario before it has a chance to get out of control is the best thing you can do. Sometimes if you aren’t sure what you’re even looking for, this can slip by without you even realizing. If you have any doubt in your mind, or you have any hunches or indications that bed bugs could be possible, get on the phone with a pest management professional. We’re trained specifically for these things. We’re here for you! Especially with bed bugs, most people don’t know they have them until they’re already out of control because they’re the type of bug that hide so well. At first hunch, call us. We have monitoring devices we can put in place (some even for free) to verify whether you have an introduction of bed bugs or not. Only after proper identification can we discuss the best control methods for your unique situation.

Verifi bed bug detector
Verifi bed bug detector is a device we can install to detect bed bug presences

Some Good Advice

When choosing a bed bug exterminator Chicago, you should ask about the company’s bed bug detection methods. A company that offers and practices the use of multiple methods will tell you that their ultimate goal is to ensure that in the end, you are bed bug free.

No Magic Bullet

Unfortunately, because of the nature of this insect, there’s not a magic solution that fits every single bed bug scenario. Factors that cause variation in solutions include:

  • Amount of clutter
  • Introduction versus infestation of the insect
  • Building integrity and structure
  • Affected amount of rooms
  • Accessibility of dwelling
  • Cost

which bed bug control method is best

Once bed bugs are identified by a professional, discuss with your technician what method or combination of methods for control will suit your specific situation. A partnership is necessary between you as a customer and the company you’re working with.

Rose’s Treatment Methods

Following a proper inspection, whether it be visual or by using monitors, like Verifi bed bug detector devices, your technician will recommend the type of treatment that he or she believes will be the most successful. The two treatment methods below are the most common that Rose offers to customers.

Conventional Treatment

This process includes using EPA registered products applied to the cracks and crevices where bed bugs crawl and hide. In addition to using these products, extensive inspection and vacuuming techniques removes numerous bed bugs and eggs from the location. This additionally improves the success of the treatment. The use of EPA approved dust products may be used in wall voids, under wall trim, behind outlets, and behind light switches. Where necessary, pulling back the carpeting near the wall edges may be suggested by your technician as bed bugs like to use the “tack strip” for harborage (hiding spots).

bed bugs hiding in frame of furniture

Bed bug treatments are very detailed and can take a great deal of time. If you imagine a transparent item the size of a half grain of rice placed in the most hidden places and trying to find them so you can either treat them or remove them, you’ll get a sense of the challenges of scrutiny we face during these inspections.  It can be very time consuming. Rose’s trained professionals take their time and do a very thorough job for our customers.

Bed bug heat treatment equipment

Rose uses heat to control bed bugs every single day. Why? It eliminates the possibility for error in detection and precision in eradication.

  • An extremely effective method of controlling bed bug infestations with the reduced use of pesticides.
  • A process that uses electric heaters and powerful fans specifically designed for the pest control industry to raise a room’s temperature to between 120 and 135 degrees.
  • Kills all life cycles of bed bugs, including the eggs.
  • Heat penetrates tiny crevices the human eye can’t see, where bed bugs can hide.
  • Completely GREEN solution.
  • Diatomaceous Earth (natural chemical-free pest control product) is also applied around perimeters of room to kill bed bugs emerging as the room is heated.
  • Requires little to no preparation work on the customer’s part.

bed bug heat treatment equipment
Bed bug heat treatment equipment

Following Up

This is the part where a lot of companies fail. Bed bugs breed rapidly. Generations could be present and thriving. How do you know if your treatment was completely successful? You don’t. That’s where you place your trust in the professionals you’re dealing with.

Our conventional and heat treatments include scheduled follow-ups to assure the success of our treatment. A “one-time” treatment rarely works effectively. It is the behavior of this reclusive insect that makes it very difficult to control. During our follow-up visits we will look for any signs of reinfestaion and treat appropriately. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal and guarantee.

guaranteed bed bug extermination

Do I have bed bugs?

If you have any inklings that you may have bed bugs, just contact us. It’s free. And we care about you and your health. We’re here for YOU!!


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