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How to Plant a Pollinator Garden

How to Plant a Pollinator Garden Spring is here! And the second week of May is wildflower week. Bring on the butterflies and pollen-covered bumblebee butts! Whether you have a gigantic courtyard or a small balcony of planters, you can create a space to help pollinators. The Bug Girls at Rose Pest Solutions looooooooove pollinators […]

Celebrating Earth Day! 🌎

HAPPY EARTH DAY! At Rose Pest Solutions, we put ecosystems above profits. We’re not anti-bug. Insects play a super important role in our world and ecosystem. This week, we’re celebrating Earth Day! And we love learning about what’s cool, what’s fascinating, and even what’s gross in the natural world. Our mission is to share that […]

The Bug Girls Have Gone Digital!

We Made A TV Commercial! Have you seen the Bug Girls on your screens yet? Click this image to watch the full commercial on YouTube! 🙂 So What’s The Story With Our Commercial? The Bug Man was iconic to our business back in the 1940s! He appeared in our ads and was even painted into […]

Pollinating Positivity & Finding the Good in 2020

Last year was full of so many challenges. However, despite the pandemic, Rose & Franklin did some pretty awesome things in 2020! We accomplished so much and had fun doing it. We learned and adapted to the constant changes, but remained positive and did what we could to continue “pollinating positivity” in 2020. In a […]

Protecting Health in 2021

2021: Looking Towards the Future 2020 shook our world in ways we never saw coming. We survived national disasters, political strife, racial unrest, Joe Exotic, and murder hornets! In many ways 2020 seemed like a poorly written sci-fi pilot that we hope fades away swifter than a bad haircut. One of the greatest challenges of […]

Northwestern Football and Rose Pest Solutions

Northwestern Football, Basketball and Rose Pest Solutions We had great success with our Books For Buckets program this year with the help of our friends at Northwestern! With school being moved online, we had to get creative. Trying to think of ways we could get kids more involved, we started thinking back on when we were […]