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How Harmful Can Insects and Pests Be to Your Health?

Insects and other pests are vital to our ecosystems. It’s when they make themselves at home in your house or business that problems arise. Rodents and roaches can spread infectious diseases. Flies spread harmful bacteria. Spider bites can be painful and require medical attention. Here’s what you should know about some of the most serious health risks from pests. Insects and Their Relation […]

Keep Pests Out, This Fall

The air is shifting and us Midwesterners know that seasons are changing bringing new temperatures and pests to complain about. Much like us, spiders, mice, ants, and cockroaches have also learned to battle the indecisive weather. Rose Pest Solutions has tips to help you keep uninvited fall pests out of your home.

Keep Pesky Snacking Pantry Pests Out!

If you’re the competitive type, nothing feels better than making the most talked about dish at the potluck as long as all the chatter is positive. But if you’re not careful when it comes to pests in your pantry, your “secret ingredient” could be an insect! Rose Pest Solutions is here to help with tips […]