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Why NOW Is the Best Time to Avoid Stink Bugs

Avoid Stink Bugs and Other Fall Pests It’s harvest season, crops are coming down in rural areas and displacing familiar fall pests like stink bugs, boxelder bugs, and Asian beetles. These are all invasive species of insects that plague residential areas when crops get cut. Although you can find these pests all across the Midwest, […]

Get Rid of Mosquitos

Get Rid of Mosquitos Mosquitos SUCK! Literally, figuratively, in every way possible. Did you know that mosquitos are the most deadly animal in the world!? As annoying as the bloodsucking buggers are, they are still an important part of our eco system. Even though their predators (Centipedes, spiders, bats) are not the most favorable, if […]

6 Signs of Mice and Rats

Have you been hearing some creatures stirring this holiday season? Got signs of mice or rats? Rodents like mice and rats are prevalent this time of year in these colder months. They’re looking for a warm, dry place just like us to cozy up for the winter. Read the graphic below to see if you […]