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Get Rid of Mosquitos

Get Rid of Mosquitos Mosquitos SUCK! Literally, figuratively, in every way possible. Did you know that mosquitos are the most deadly animal in the world!? As annoying as the bloodsucking buggers are, they are still an important part of our eco system. Even though their predators (Centipedes, spiders, bats) are not the most favorable, if […]

6 Signs of Mice and Rats

Have you been hearing some creatures stirring this holiday season? Got signs of mice or rats? Rodents like mice and rats are prevalent this time of year in these colder months. They’re looking for a warm, dry place just like us to cozy up for the winter. Read the graphic below to see if you […]

Keys to Holiday Pest Proofing

Decking the halls for seasonal festivities? As you pull down boxes of ornaments from the attic or dig out bins of wrapping paper from the basement, be on the look out for signs of mice, spiders, and other critters’ eggs. Holiday Pest Proofing Cooler temperatures make pests like cockroaches, spiders, mice and rats look for warm, dry places for protection […]

4 Tips to Keep Your Pantry Free From Pests

  4 Tips to Keep Your Pantry Free From Pests The season’s changing once, again. Maniacal pumpkin grimaces have faded into decaying toothless grins and light up bats are being replaced with Christmas lights. As you switch the snacks in your pantry from candied apples to gingerbread men, Rose Pest Solutions reminds you to check […]

Fall 2020 Pest Gazette

In this Issue of the Fall 2020 Pest Gazette In this issue of the Fall 2020 Pest Gazette, you’ll learn all about some pests that are not DIY pests. There’s also some great info about pantry pests called Indian Meal Moths, just in time for holiday baking. Raccoon habits and nuisance wildlife are covered. And […]