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5 Tips to Keep Pantry Pests Out

‘Tis the season of sweet treats and homemade comfort food. As you take inventory of your cabinets for holiday baking supplies be sure to check your ingredients as well as the expiration dates. During this time of the year, an array of occasional invaders might be eating their way through your loosely sealed food containers. […]

Fall Pests: Occasional Invaders

What is an Occasional Invader? Occasional invaders are seasonal pests that tend to appear depending on the environment. Seeing one doesn’t necessarily mean you have a problem or an infestation. It just means that little critter ended up where he’s not supposed to be. From stink bugs to mice, these pests are most active in […]

Fall Pests and Tips to Keep Them Out

Brought to you by Rose Pest Solutions Find helpful tips on preventing Fall Pests and more in this issue of the Pest Gazette! No time to read now? Download the PDF version for later! Rose Pest Solutions Fall Gazette 2019 No More Fleas, Please Fleas can be a nuisance and problem any time of year […]

How Harmful Can Insects and Pests Be to Your Health?

Insects and other pests are vital to our ecosystems. It’s when they make themselves at home in your house or business that problems arise. Rodents and roaches can spread infectious diseases. Flies spread harmful bacteria. Spider bites can be painful and require medical attention. Here’s what you should know about some of the most serious health risks from pests. Insects and Their Relation […]