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Hiring a Professional vs. DIY

We love HGTV for all the inspo on DIY projects around the house. But let’s be honest. There’s a time and a place for DIY. And pest control is just not one of those things. We’re going to explain why hiring a professional vs. DIY is the way to go in the pest control world. […]

Are mice really that bad? Rodents revealed inside.

51% of homeowners in Midwest have had an experience with rodents in their homes. More than HALF! So, if YOU have never encountered a mouse or rat in or around your house, then your neighbor has. And that’s right next door. But are mice really that bad? Keep reading to find out. Are Mice Really […]

Mice and Rat Solutions for the Winter Months

Mice and Rat Solutions It should be no surprise to you that America’s oldest, documented pest control company has the BEST mice and rat solutions. Commercial or residential, our pest experts have their own personal tricks on how they catch rodents and keep them out. As temperatures drop, mice begin to stir and seek indoor […]

Keys to Holiday Pest Proofing & a FREE Holiday Recipe!

Decking the halls for seasonal festivities? As you pull down boxes of ornaments from the attic or dig out bins of wrapping paper from the basement, be on the lookout for signs of mice, spiders, and other critters’ eggs. 🎁🎄🐁🕷🪳 Holiday Pest-Proofing Cooler temperatures make pests like cockroaches, spiders, mice and rats look for warm, dry places for protection from the winter […]