Termite season is in full effect! Would you know it if you had them? Do you know how to detect the signs of termites? This info will help make you a smarter homeowner.

WARNING: The following pictures may scare you and/or gross you out.

These are termites:

 formosan termites with winged adult resized 600

This is what the “Soldier” subterranean termite looks like:

Soldier Termite

If you’re ever digging around in your flower beds, you may unearth creatures that look like this:

termites formosan treebark

These little white things are often mistaken for maggots, but they are formosan termites.

Now, let’s look at what kind of damage these tiny creatures can actually do. This is what a piece of wood (imagine a baseboard in your house) that has been damaged by a termite would look like:

wood damaged by termites resized 600

They pretty much pulverize it until it becomes so brittle that it just falls apart. Don’t let this happen to your house!!

Here’s another look at termite damage:

damage to wood by termites resized 600

Another good thing to keep an eye out for is mud tubes. These are the signature signs of termites! They look like this:



If you think you might have termites, please let us help you! We know how terrifying an invasion like this could be. We have some awesome solutions for these silent destroyers. We’re proud Termidor licensed professionals. We also offer a completely green termite colony elimination system, called Sentricon. This baiting system is state-of-the-art and is even used to protect the White House, the Statue of Liberty, and many more American landmarks!

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