Termites are the last thing you ever expected to invade your home. Getting rid of them is not covered by your homeowner’s insurance. You start to call exterminators. Quotes are in the thousands. Some companies swear by the conventional liquid termite treatment method. Others are advocates of green termite control by Sentricon or a similar baiting system. How do you know what is better? Which one do you go with??

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Sentricon or Termidor?

I feel this choice comes down to personal preference. There are amazing results with each method. Both treatment methods get rid of termites. I always encourage our customers to price out both, read as much literature about both methods as you can, then decide what will work for your property on a personal level. Here are some things you can use to help in making your decision.

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5 Factors to help you choose the best termite treatment for your home

  1. Cost. Doesn’t everything come down to this when it comes to home repair related services? Sentricon and Termidor treatments are typically estimated based on linear footage around the perimeter of your home. There’s quite a bit more labor involved with Termidor treatments, so know that if that method’s estimate is more costly, that’s probably why.
  2. Warranty. Sentricon is guaranteed for as long as you have stations in the ground on your property. Annual renewal fees are typically around 10% of the initial cost. Think of that fee like an insurance plan. As long as you keep them in the ground, you’re covered. If I’m not mistaken, Termidor is guaranteed by the manufacturer of the product for 10 years. Once the liquid is in the ground, the warranty is active. The company you hire to do this method may offer additional guarantees, but that’s up to them and can vary from company to company.
  3. The Green Factor. How environmentally conscious are you? Do you care about whether chemicals are trenched or pumped into the ground on your property? Some people don’t and just want the termites gone. But, this is where Sentricon shines. Sentricon is a green termite baiting system, which means no chemicals. It’s 100% green. And termites prefer it over any amount of wood that your house could contain. Going this route is like a hug from Mother Nature.
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  4. Aesthetics. Termidor treatments can be invasive, and may involve things like digging, trenching, tearing up your lawn, etc. the entire perimeter of your property. Sure, the grass will grow back, but think about how long that may take or what your yard will look like and determine if you care about that. Sentricon stations don’t require boring, trenching or any of that. They go straight down into the ground about 8-10 inches and are placed about every 10 feet around the house. The caps are low profile so when you mow the lawn, they shouldn’t be in the way.
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  5. Service. This factor may have an impact on your decision as well. Sentricon’s new bait is called “Always Active” because it totally is. Dow requires the installing operator to come check things out at least once a year to monitor how quickly the bait is being eaten by termites, to make sure the placement of the stations are accurate, and to replace or adjust bait as needed. Our company likes to come out about 3 times a year (spring, summer, fall) just because we like to see our customers and make sure they’re 100% happy. 🙂 With Termidor, you’ll find that some companies will do the treatment, then consider it a done deal, so make sure you ask about repeat check-ups and if that’s part of the warranty. 

Educate yourself before buying

I’d recommend checking out the Sentricon website if you haven’t already done so. www.sentricon.com. They have some videos that explain the entire system in a really easy-to-understand way.

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Also check out the Termidor website: http://www.termidorhome.com/. There are testimonials you can read to help you choose.

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I hope this info helps! Termites are such a bummer. There are great options for you though. We offer both options to suit your needs. And educating yourself prior to hiring a company will give you extra peace of mind. 🙂

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