Jumping Spider


Usually black, brown, tan, or grey with pale markings. 1/8-3/4" long. 


Over 300 species of jumping spiders are found in North America. They're capable of biting, but are harmless to humans. Unlike most other spiders, they're active during the day, seem to like sunshine, are excellent jumpers, and their webs are woven loosely and are not used to trap prey. They have amazing eyesight and can detect and react to movement up to 18 inches away from them. Jumping spiders have poor nighttime vision, but can move rapidly from side to side and even backwards.


Jumping spiders are hunters, feeding on most other common insects.

Jumping Spider Control

Reducing clutter and cleaning any webs will reduce jumping spider populations. Like other spiders, eliminating the other insects they're feeding on will further prevent a spider population from thriving on your property.Ongoing maintenance programs like our Healthy Home Maintenance Program will help with pests like the jumping spider.

Jumping Spider
Jumping Spider
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