June Bug


Golden brown to dark reddish brown in color; 1/2" to 1" in length, winged with hard shell-like beetle body.


Junebugs are nocturnal beetles that feed on plants, shrubs and vegetables. June bug larvae are called white grubs, which begin as eggs planted in soil by female adults. As they hatch, these grubs are often found in gardens to do considerable damage to plant roots.

Junebug Control & Prevention

To control grubs (larval stage of junebugs) in your lawn, you may consider contacting a lawn care specialist, as they may have a deeper knowledge of such turf pests. 

Junebug adults are attracted to light. Changing your lights outside to yellow bulbs or sodium vapor lamps may also help reduce the attraction of your home to june bugs. Also be sure that window and door screens are free of tears or holes where these and many other insects may get through.

June Bug
June Bug
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