Protecting your business

Whether you’re operating a restaurant, a medical facility, or an industrial factory, Rose has commercial pest control services to suit all of your individual needs. We understand how even a single bug can bring a business down; especially with all of the review websites out there these days. Pest control problems are nothing to risk. Our Commercial Care Plans are designed to take that concern out of your daily agenda.

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You just found out you have a bug problem

This is when panic mode sets in. What if your customer saw it? What if it gets in with the products in your facility? Time is fragile. You don’t exactly have a couple weeks to get quotes from a bunch of companies in your city, but how will know you’re choosing the right pest control professionals?

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has a Best Practices guide for situations like yours. The following points are what they recommend taking into account when choosing the right pest control company.

  • Always deal with a qualified and licensed pest management company. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof of credentials!
  • Choose a company that is a member of national, state and local pest management associations. (This ensures the latest technology and education in the industry among staff members.)
  • How much experience does the company have in dealing with situations like yours? (Rose is America’s oldest pest control company. Since 1860! Just sayin’…)
  • Consider a company that is Quality Pro certified. This is a program that requires background checks, drug tests, and several other tests to ensure excellence in staff members in the pest management industry.
  • Ask friends or colleagues for recommendations if they’ve ever had to use a pest control company.
  • Find out if the company has proper insurance to do business with you.
  • Understand the terms of your contract, what pests are covered, what guarantee is given, and if anything is required on your behalf such as correcting conducive conditions.

Prevention Services

It’s easier to manage a facility’s pest control before a problem occurs. It’s a perfect proactive decision and often recommended by your state’s department of Public Health depending on what type of commercial business you’re operating. We’ve designed programs to suit your every need. The following is a list of some of the common services we provide to businesses just like yours. Every situation is unique. Our inspectors and account managers are licensed and trained to inspect and professionally recommend a plan specifically for you and your business.

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Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a process involving common sense and sound solutions for treating and controlling pests. These solutions incorporate three basic steps:

  1. Inspection
  2. Identification and
  3. Treatment

Treatment options vary from sealing cracks and removing food and water sources to pesticide treatments when necessary. The most important part you have to remember about IPM is that it’s a partnership. In order to solve problems at the root source, your staff must work with our professionals to achieve success.

For example: Your facility has a problem with rodents entering through a side door that employees use frequently to take cigarette breaks. They leave the door propped open with a bucket in between breaks outside. Rodents are helping themselves right through the open door. We can install a door sweep for a tight seal on the bottom of the door when it’s closed, but we recommend to your staff that they keep the door closed at all times. If they don’t keep it closed, the effort is not successful. Make sense? Partnership. Communication. Working together. SUCCESS!

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Insect Light Trap Program

Reduce the risk of fly-spreading diseases and potential food safety issues with an effective and safe Insect Light Trap (ILT) Program. As an important part of Integrated Pest Management, monitoring pest activity and capturing flying insects eliminates the use of pesticides on the interior of your facility. These are highly recommended!! Here are some examples of the models we can install for your business.


We provide free estimates for our Insect Light Trap program. In conjunction with your routine pest control maintenance, insect light traps will monitor insect activity around the clock. This advantage helps us prevent problems before they develop into infestations. A bioremediation service program is also available to sanitize and control insects that breed and feed in drains. Your pest management representative can provide more information on this service when you send us a request.


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Whether you've got wasps, rodents, spiders (or you name it), we can assist with your pest situation. Drop us a line to tell us what's going on and we'll schedule your pest control service!

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