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Rose Pest Solutions has operated for over 160 years with your health being our top priority. We believe that education is the first defense against any pest invasion. Knowing what invaders wander onto your property will help you create a personalized pest prevention plan.  That’s why we curated a library of the most common invertebrates and rodents we see in our area. They are alphabetized and also categorized by type below. We have an entomologist on staff to aide in proper identification. Do you have a photo you can send us? Feel free to email us at contactus@rosepestcontrol.com and we’re happy to identify it for you!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Pest Library

  • What is the pest library? The pest control library is a tool to help you identify common household pests in the Midwest.
  • How do I identify a pest not listed in the pest library? Our team can answer questions and help you identify an insect via a photograph or description of its location, color, and markings.
  • Why do we see more invasive, non-native insects lately? The growth of the global economy and international commerce increases the number of insects that arrive in foreign places.
  • When does an insect become a pest? Insects belong outside in nature and play a significant role in our ecosystem and food chain. When insects or rodents are displaced from their natural habitats, they can invade structures and homes. When this happens, our experts come in and restore the balance between humans and nature.
  • How do I identify a pest? The color and markings of the insect, as well as its location and behavior, help identify the species. Our professionals can help identify and address various pest problems. Contact us for additional help identifying a pest.

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