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Push ant pressures back into nature with an expert plan.

The most common pest in the Midwest is most commonly misunderstood. Ants play a very important role in our ecosystem as decomposers.

There are about 700 different ant species in the U.S. and about ten different ant species in the Midwest that we see invade interior spaces frequently. While they share many of the same social insect traits, each species has its unique characteristics. It’s for this reason that in order to push ant pressures back into nature where they belong, a prescription treatment and plan is necessary.

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How To Identify Ant Species

The first and most important step to eliminating ants is proper identification.

Ants live in large colonies underground. Threats to the colony such as flooding, extreme heat, and physical disruption of the ground can cause those ants to seek food sources and shelter elsewhere. Observing habits, identifying the exact species, and learning what has attracted them to a certain area helps solve the problem at the root source.

All ant species, along with dozens of other household pests are covered under our Health Home Maintenance Program.

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Here are some pests commonly found in the Midwest.

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Ant Control Solutions

What may seem like an infestation of ants is literally only a small fraction of the entire colony.

Once a pheromone trail is established, an ant nuisance can turn into major pest problem quickly. Some ants can even cause structural damage, like carpenter ants.

Unfortunately, there’s not a “silver bullet” product for all ants. Much like when we get sick and go to the doctor, there’s a prescription specifically written for the type of illness being treated. Because different ant species are attracted to different things, there are many different prescription products for controlling specific species of ants. Our service professionals are highly trained and skilled to identify the species and prescribe the best solution for an effective, long-lasting solution.

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