Pest Control Services for Food Plants and Audited Facilities

Safeguard your business against pests. Pass audits with superior results.

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We understand how crucial the rating system from third party auditors, such as AIB, affects your business and clients. Our staff is committed to excellence as it relates to service in sensitive environments.

Pest management for audited facilities begins with a strong partnership with pest experts. Eliminate the burden of worrying about meeting regulation expectations. With our comprehensive pest management program we strive for nothing less than the highest results.

An IPM partnership with Rose guarantees:

  • Audits passed with superior results
  • Customizable trend reports for a proactive approach
  • Dedicated account manager for ease of communication
  • Emergency services available

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Pass Audits with Superior Results

Maintaining compliance is the bare minimum. At Rose, we strive for superior results in the pest category. The expertise of our staff combined with the latest available technology in the pest industry guarantees that all of the equipment we install monitors pest activity 24/7, allowing for a proactive prevention program.

IPM for audited facilities

Insect Light Traps

We carry several types of Insect Light Traps (ILTs) for various types of effective fly control in commercial environments.

Download the catalog and contact us for more information if you’re interested in adding these to your commercial IPM program.

Find Your Pest

Here are some pests commonly found in the Midwest.

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Customizable Trend Reports With Handheld Technology

Our service professionals are able to record data that is more detailed than ever before. Photos, videos, activity details for equipment installed, and trend reports are some of the benefits of this technology when monitoring pest pressures. These assets are all available to you via our Customer Portal where you can view service history and upcoming appointments, print detailed reports, and pay your bill. A log book with all of these printed details will also be kept on the audited facility’s premises for quick access.

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Whether you’ve got wasps, rodents, spiders (or you name it), we are here for you. Drop us a line to schedule your pest control services today!

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Safe For Your Family and Business

We’re licensed, trained, and certified by the Departments of Public Health and Agriculture, using safe, EPA-regulated materials, always.

Attacking Infestations at the Root

We don’t come in spraying. We evaluate the root of your problem, and recommend and enact pre-emptive measures before any chemicals are used. 

Assessments Before Any Contracts

 Our Customer Care Center walks you through every service, every charge, and every solution before you agree to anything. Our commitment is to you.