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Some house guests don’t bother to knock before entering. Providing rat and mice control is how Rose Pest Solutions got our start in 1860. So, when we say we’ve been protecting folks from rodents longer than just about anyone in the country, we mean it. Rely on our over 160 years of experience in providing rodent control services in Illinois, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas in the Midwest. Rodents are notorious for spreading diseases, but protecting your home and health are our priorities. Mice and rats are on the lengthy list of common household pests included in our Healthy Home Maintenance Program to keep you protected all year. Reach out to our team to request more info.

Where Do Rodents Live? Why Are They a Cause for Concern?

Rodents are warm-blooded mammals with oversized front teeth developed for gnawing and chewing. Because rodents chew on various materials, they can cause significant damage in and around your home. The most common rodents that can become residential pests include mice, rats, voles, shrews and ground squirrels or chipmunks. Because mice and rats are quick and small, they can enter your home and build a nest long before you detect their presence. Rodents not only cause structural damage and crop devastation, but many of them carry diseases that can be spread to humans. Mice have been known to carry the Hantavirus, which can cause Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS). Rats have been linked to various pathogens causing the bubonic plague, Lassa fever, leptospirosis, and more.

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What Are Warning Signs You May Have a Rodent Infestation?

Due to their diminutive size, mice and rats can easily gain access to your home through openings as small as the size of a dime. Once inside, mice and rats can build their nests literally anywhere, including drawers, cabinets, closets, walls, and crawlspaces. While they have a place in nature, the damage rodents can cause and the threats they pose to your health can make them hazardous pests to have inside your home. Here are some warning signs you could have a potential rodent infestation:

  • Rodent droppings under the sink, in drawers or cabinets, or around food packages (usually ⅛ to ¼ of an inch long with pointed ends)
  • Gnaw marks and damaged packages
  • Nesting materials (insulation, cotton, paper, or foliage debris)
  • Greasy rub marks on walls along their paths of travel
  • Small holes in walls that serve as entry points
  • Stale odors
  • Actual rodents themselves
Mice and Rat Solutions

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Mice and Rat Solutions

What’s the Difference Between Mice and Rats?

Are you wondering how to tell the difference between mice and rats? Mice are usually smaller than rats and are characterized by their short hair, pointed snouts, rounded ears, long whiskers, and long, slender tails. Mice generally have slim bodies, while rats tend to be larger and bulkier. Rat tails are thicker, shorter, and hairless. Mice can be gray, brown, or white, while rats can be gray, brown, white, or black.

One of the most common rodents we deal with at Rose Pest Solutions is Norway rats, which have been thriving on human error for centuries. Opportunistic yet cautious, these rodents are strong swimmers, climbers, jumpers, and runners. With the ability to reproduce at just five weeks of age, a burrow of Norway rats can quickly multiply. They’re known to contaminate food and spread viruses, diseases, fleas, and other vectors, making them threatening pests to homes and businesses.

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About Rose’s Humane Rodent Removal/Extermination Services

Over-the-counter mice poison, mouse traps, and other home remedies are not very effective and can often cause more harm to your health. Successful rat and mice pest control measures are usually multifaceted efforts. At Rose Pest Solutions, our rodent control services include routine rodent inspections for signs of activity, the placement of baits to control existing populations, and continued efforts to prevent future rodents. Working with a licensed pest management professional will help identify and remove rodents’ food and harborage sources, making your property less inviting. Advice, such as sealing any holes larger than ¼” wide, helps prolong the effectiveness of a rodent control service by getting to the root of the issue.

Our rodent control company goes above and beyond your typical rodent exterminator service. Our staff is licensed by the Departments of Public Health and Agriculture for your protection and peace of mind. We pride ourselves upon offering eco-friendly pest control that doesn’t resort to dangerous chemicals. All of our pest control products have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and are used according to their labels. Our mice and rat solutions allow you to remain in your home or business and are customized to your needs.

Mice and Rat Solutions

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“I reached out to Rose because I saw evidence of rats in our backyard. Sean Boyce came out and honestly exceeded our expectations. We thought he’d just place some boxes and leave, but Sean took his time to talk with us about how he decides where the boxes go, how rats use them, and how if our dog ever got a rat that had ingested the Rose product he wouldn’t be harmed! Which was a huge relief to us. I HIGHLY recommend Sean and the Rose team! .”

Courtney W. | Homeowner, Chicago 

Several Midwest Locations to Serve Rodent Pest Control Needs

If you find yourself in need of an exterminator for mice, do yourself a favor and call the pest and rodent control experts at Rose Pest Solutions. Whether you live in Illinois or Wisconsin, our rodent control services are prompt and professional. Our sister company, Franklin Pest Solutions, offers pest control services across Indiana. Contact us today to schedule service at your convenience. We’re more than just rodent exterminators. We’re health professionals who do what it takes to do things the right way. With multiple locations to serve you, we respond to all inquiries within a business day.

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