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Rose Pest Solutions has been protecting restaurants and bars throughout Chicagoland from pests for generations, longer than any other pest company in the industry. Our trusted business is dedicated to maintaining public health in your business, providing the greatest experience possible for patrons. Successful restaurant pest prevention begins with a strong IPM partnership between your staff and our specially certified experts. It’s these relationships that have kept our business thriving for over 160 years.

QualityPro Food Safety Certified

A pest infestation in a food processing and handling facility comes with major implications, including the possibility of a widespread illness outbreak. When servicing these sensitive accounts, it is important that technicians have special knowledge of the environment. QualityPro worked with the National Pest Management Association to design the QualityPro Food Safety certification program to equip accredited companies with additional resources, testing and training to demonstrate their commitment to excellence in servicing food plant and processing facilities. Rose’s experts are proud to have earned this specialized certification. It adds an extra layer of quality and expertise to our service.

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We Offer Our Customers the Best-in-Service IPM Program

At Rose Pest Solutions, we go beyond the extra mile to give you, your staff, and your customers true peace of mind. The Rose Commercial IPM program benefits include the following:

  • Customized, full-service routine maintenance
  • Dedicated account manager for ease of communication
  • Maintain compliance with the Department of Public Health’s pest requirements
  • Installation and maintenance of fly lights, rodent monitors, and other necessary equipment
  • Maintenance of log book on premises to record sightings and pest pressures
  • Crack/crevice treatments for areas conducive to pest harborage
  • Professional recommendations to repair structural issues
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We Solve Pest Problems at the Root in the Food Industry

A pest problem in the food industry can bring a business to its knees. Nothing is more embarrassing than a patron swatting flies while trying to enjoy your food, drinks, and hospitality. Get peace of mind and the protection you need with our customized restaurant pest control solutions. We’ll help make sure you:

  • Pass your health inspections
  • Retain great online reviews
  • Protect your reputation
  • Safeguard employee health and satisfaction
  • Keep customers coming back again and again

Why is Pest Control Important at Restaurants & Bars?

Because restaurants and bars are mandated to comply with various health codes and regulations to keep operational, pest control, as well as pest prevention services, are extremely useful for restaurant and bar owners. Should a pest infestation occur at your commercial property, your business operations will be interrupted, and your bottom line can also be negatively impacted. Pest infestations are undesirable in every sense of the word, but one of the greatest threats they pose is that they can cause the spread of viruses and bacteria – through either direct or indirect contact. This alone makes professional pest control services imperative at restaurants and bars in and around Chicago.

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Find Your Pest

Here are some pests commonly found in the Midwest.

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We Offer Drain Sanitation Programs

Several common species of flying insects can be very invasive once they access the interior structure of your establishment. Flies in a restaurant or bar annoy your customers, spread bacteria, and create an unpleasant experience. More often than not, minor fly issues originate in drains. Solve the problem at the root source with our Drain Sanitation Program. With this program, you can expect to:

  • Eliminate what’s attracting small flies
  • Solve the problem at the root source instead of treating symptoms month after month
  • Organically treat problem spots by breaking down organic material that allows flies to breed
  • Have professional sanitation advice documented for each visit

We Offer Complimentary Staff Education Seminars

With an IPM partnership, we’ll not only work with you to solve any current issues and prevent future pest problems, but we’re also available at any time to educate you and your staff as we identify conducive conditions. Working together will create a more permanent solution and a healthier environment for your employees and patrons. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary educational seminar with one of the experts from Rose Pest Solutions.

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Customizable Trend Reports With Handheld Technology

Our service professionals can record data that is more detailed than ever before. Photos, videos, activity details for equipment installed, and trend reports are some of the benefits of this technology when monitoring pest pressures. These assets are all available to you via our Customer Portal where you can view service history and upcoming appointments, print detailed reports, and pay your bill. A log book with all of these printed details will also be kept on the premises for quick access.

Contact Us Today for Commercial Pest Control

At Rose Pest Solutions, we don’t just eliminate existing pests; we keep them from returning. We carry several types of Insect Light Traps (ILTs) for various types of effective fly control in commercial environments. Download the catalog and contact us today for more information if you’re interested in adding these to your commercial IPM program. We look forward to serving your pest control needs.

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We’re licensed, trained, and certified by the Departments of Public Health and Agriculture, using safe, EPA-regulated materials, always.

Attacking Infestations at the Root

We don’t come in spraying. We evaluate the root of your problem, and recommend and enact pre-emptive measures before any chemicals are used. 

Assessments Before Any Contracts

 Our Customer Care Center walks you through every service, every charge, and every solution before you agree to anything. Our commitment is to you.