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Rose Pest Solutions is America’s oldest, most experienced residential and commercial pest control company. And that’s not an opinion! It’s an historical fact! Rose has been in business since 1860. There is so much love, passion, and history behind our beloved family-owned business. We wanted to share Rose Pest Solutions History story with you, because if you’re taking time to read this, you’re part of our success!

An American Family Business Timeline

It all started with a scientist by the name of Solomon Rose.
This is him.

He created an early form of pest control product, better known as arsenic, in the mid-1800s.


Solomon Rose was commissioned by the U.S. Army during the Civil War to help keep soldiers in tent camps protected from rats during the war.
These soldiers were getting bitten by rats!
That sounds horrible!
Could you imagine?!


Business was booming.
Solomon’s son Daniel carried his father’s legacy across America into the next century.
This is Daniel.

Rose had locations from New Jersey to San Francisco. Rose Pest Solutions was up and running from coast-to-coast.
And centrally-located Chicago was Headquarters for everyone.

The internal company newsletter, called Rat Tales, was even typed up in Rose’s Chicago Office. News about big sales, partnerships, technical skills, employee recognition, birthdays and anniversaries, and product innovations were common topics in Rat Tales over the decades.
In 2018, Rat Tales was resurrected by Rose’s Marketing Team and given a fresh look.

So this is where things sidestep for a hot minute.
Follow along and Rose Pest Solutions History will make perfect sense. We promise!


Franklin Pest Solutions was founded.
It’s the Great Depression.
Food is scarce.
But that hasn’t stopped vermin.
Pest Control is an essential business. Our business has survived many crises despite economic impacts over the decades.

This image below was taken circa 1948-1950 in Michigan City, Indiana.


Daniel Rose sells the Rose Chicago franchise to C. Norman Dold (Grandfather).
Only one other franchise of Rose exists to this day. They’re based out of Troy, Michigan. They serve Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.
They may have the same logo and name as us, but we’re not the same company.
Franklin Pest Solutions is our Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky brand.

L to R: C. Norman Dold, Daniel Rose, Bill Beutner, Helen Beutner

Rose Team Circa 1930

C. Norman Dold and Crew Circa 1930


Robert J. Dold follows in his father’s leadership in the pest control industry.
He learned the importance of building relationships, protecting health, and providing quality service with integrity.
He worked in our Chicago branch, same exact location as it was at the time this business card was printed!


Robert J. Dold is a smart business man who dabbles in real estate as a hobby.
He purchases Hammond Pest Control, Franklin Pest Solutions, Cochnower’s Pest Control in Lafayette, Burr Pest Control, and General Pest Control in New Albany.

the vintage house with garden at Chicago DMA,


Robert J. Dold becomes a very important leader in the pest control industry. He served as President of our National Pest Management Association in 1984. Robert “Bob” Dold was known as the pest control industry’s “people person”. His wife, Judy, also served as President of the National Association.


The Dold Family Legacy continues with a third generation.
Son of Robert and Judy, Bob Dold becomes active in the family business.


Rose and Franklin streamline their brands, phasing out multiple company names.
With the creative contributions of Rose and Franklin’s Marketing Team, our business enters a new chapter with the importance of web engagement, social media, digital advertising, and technological advancements.


Corporate Partnerships anchor Rose and Franklin in the communities we serve.
Rose and Franklin get mascots: Rosie the Rodent and Zippy the Honeybee for community engagement and charitable contributions.


Rose celebrates 160 years of service.

In February 2020, Rose and Franklin’s entire staff got together to celebrate.

Rose Pest Solutions History in the Making

Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with us! We appreciate you. On behalf of all of us here at Rose and Franklin Pest Solutions, thank you for your trust, friendship, support, and business. We look forward to continuing to be your bug and rodent heroes for decades to come. In fact, there may be a grandson in the family that would make a great leader to carry the torch. 🙂

This was taken 15 years ago. We can’t wait to to see what the future holds!

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