Home mosquito control is not as expensive or laborious as you might think. There’s a quick, easy solution that will allow you to enjoy your time outside this season without smacking yourself every time a mosquito lands on you.

mosquito bite

Rose has a couple of options for controlling these pests.

  1. If you’re having an outdoor party for your graduate in the next couple weeks, or maybe an outdoor wedding, we can significantly reduce the mosquito population to allow your guests the comfort you worked so hard to arrange.
  2. Ongoing maintenance control will continually protect your yard and family from getting eaten alive this season. Visits are typically three weeks apart.

mosquito controlDoesn’t Jeff look like a Ghostbuster?! LOL!!! Trust me, he’s not looking for Slimer…


Here are some tips and also some general information about mosquitoes.

Common mosquito breeding sites:

  • Swimming pools-regularly treat with chlorine
  • Tires
  • Bird baths – clean weekly, replace water daily
  • cracks in pavement
  • treeholes
  • garbage cans
  • gutters- clean before and after a hard rain
  • septic tanks
  • potted plants-drain excess water

Mosquitoes spend the majority of their lives underwater. Anything on the property with standing water in it for more than one day is likely to contain mosquitoes. Like other pests, treatment is only successful when harborage is eliminated and breeding sources are identified.

Remember this: Mosquitoes do not use light or sound to direct their flight. So, sonic repellant machines and zappers are ineffective. Zappers could actually attract more populations. Mosquitoes are driven by carbon dioxide (what you exhale). So, don’t be fooled by the gimmicks out there!


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