Rose Pest Control warns that stinging insects pose serious threats as temperatures cool

Be Prepared

As the crisp weather arrives and the summer season comes to an end, don’t assume that stinging insects will soon disappear. The experts on Rose Pest Solutions’ staff warn that stinging insects tend to be more aggressive during the early fall as they gather food for the winter months ahead.

wasps on an apple

“Most people associate stinging insects with the hot summer months, but as the cooler weather approaches, people still need to be aware of the dangers posed by yellowjackets, bees and wasps,” said Larry Hanks, Vice President of Operations for Rose Pest Solutions. “If provoked, these pests can sting repeatedly, which increases the potential for skin irritation or a serious allergic reaction.”


How to Protect Yourself Against Stinging Insects

Experts at the National Pest Management Association, a nonprofit organization committed to the protection of public health, food and property from household pests, recommend that homeowners inspect their properties frequently for signs of an infestation. Common stinging insect nesting sites include under eaves, on ceiling beams in attics, garages and sheds, and under porches. In addition, homeowners should follow these tips to avoid being stung:

  • Wear shoes, especially in grassy areas.
  • Keep windows and doors properly screened.
  • When dining outside, keep food covered until ready to eat.
  • Remove garbage frequently and keep trashcans covered.
  • Overseed grassy areas to get better coverage, as this will deter ground-nesting insects.
  • Do not swat at a stinging insect as it increases the likelihood of an aggressive reaction.
  • Seek immediate medical attention if stung, as reactions can be severe.

“Attempting to remove a nest or hive without the help of a professional can be extremely dangerous,” added Hanks. “It’s important to contact someone with proper training to rid the property of these pests.“

Want to know how to get rid of wasps?

Truth is, depending on your level of braveness and education about these creatures, there are ways to carefully defeat them on your own. Certain species should not be disturbed though. The trick is knowing when to square off with them and when to leave it to the pros.

baldfaced hornet
Baldfaced Hornet, Photo Courtesy of Ricky Kluge

It is very dangerous to try to tackle a wasp nest on your own. There are so many different types of stinging insects in our geographic region. Some are very aggressive. The baldfaced hornet  is one them. (See photo above)

If you see a nest that looks like this below, don’t try to tamper with it on your own. PERIOD. You’ll thank me for that warning. This is a force that should not be reckoned with.


Some wasps are sneaky with where they build their nests. You may have seen them crawling up underneath siding before. They also like shutters and eaves.

Does this look familiar?

wasp nest on house
What would you do if you walked out your front door and saw this above your head? You should comment below and tell me what your initial thought would be. 🙂

Do-It-Yourself Products

Consumers can find many DIY pest control products in grocery and home goods stores for super affordable prices. This is tempting when you’ve never had to deal with something like this before. And you’re already at the store, so you might as well just grab something and try it. Right? Well, if you’re determined to do it yourself, come to us. We can give you the right product for the right situation. But you may end up like Calvin in this strip:

The Difference Between DIY and Hiring a Pest Pro

calvinandhobbes resized 600

So, yeah. Don’t throw baseballs at wasp nests.


The best way I can compare and explain the difference between picking up a can of wasp spray at the store and hiring a pest professional to handle your situation is with an analogy with Doctors and over-the-counter medicine.

You’ve had what you thought was just a cold for about 5 weeks. You’ve gone through a bottle of Ny-Quil, more soup than you can stomach, gelcaps to get you through your workday, etc. You have two options. You can try just ONE more bottle of something for around $6. Or, you can call your doctor. I know what I would do.

Don’t get me wrong, if you know enough about the insect you’re trying to defeat, there are some great products that will work like a charm. You just have to know how to apply them properly, safely, and which product is best for that particular situation. Hiring a professional is not only safer for you and your family, but it will save you money in the long run because the professional will get it done and get out of your hair. You won’t have to make yourself so frustrated for trying to battle it on your own. Catch my drift?

Choose Your Weapon!


wasp trap
Wasp trap, Lake Geneva, WI



rose pest control technician
Rose Pest Solutions Technician, Photo Courtesy Ricky Kluge


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