Clothes Moth

Our remedy for clothes moth control

First, contact us. These moths are often confused with indian meal moths, a very common pantry moth pest. It is crucial to properly identify the species of moth, locate the source and devise a solution from there according to the unique environment and situation. Clothing moths can do so much damage, which can be heart-breaking when it happens to sentimental articles.

Prevention is key when it comes to moths

  • Before storing any woolen or natural fiber clothes, clean them according to directions. Zippered plastic bags or plastic storage tubs are better than boxes.
  • Do not store the bags or tubs in your attic, garage or basement if possible.
  • Mothballs leave a strong odor but will help deter fabric pests.
  • Use caution when purchasing clothing second-hand. These items could bring unwanted pests like moths into your home.
  • Inspect second hand items thoroughly and when in doubt, ask us for help!

How to Identify a Clothes Moth


Cream or white, about 3/8″. Larvae often leave strands of the silk they spin on fabrics.


As their name implies, clothes moths live in clothing, carpets, fabrics and furs. They can fly but usually hide in dark corners or in the folds of fabric. While not particularly dangerous, they can do real damage to clothes and other fabrics.


These moths are able to digest animal hairs and feed on any item made of natural fibers, particularly wool and cashmere.

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Here are some of the other fabric pests found in the Midwest.

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“Clean and fast. They were all over it.”

“The Rose representative was incredibly knowledgeable about our moth infestation. We had 2 types and they are so destructive. Two men attacked our situation in a serious fashion. They bombed rooms and put traps all around. Clean and fast. They were all over it. We would definitely use them again. Thx Rose.”

John M. | Condo Owner
Chicago, IL

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