Yellow Sac Spider

Our remedy for yellow sac spider control

The yellow sac spider is mostly found outdoors but can be found in homes throughout the Midwest. This spider gets its name from its coloring and the silken sac that it hides within during the day. The first step to treat this spider is to remove its webbing, seal cracks, and fix screens to eliminate entry points. Controlling other insect populations inside and around the exterior of your home will help reduce attractiveness of spiders to your house. A professional barrier treatment will help maintain total insect control. Check out our Healthy Home Maintenance Plan for worry-free control all year long.

How to Identify a Yellow Sac Spider


Pale yellow to tan in color, between 5 and 10mm long, capable of biting (size of pin prick) and venom is usually not dangerous to humans.


Yellow sac spiders move from side to side like scissors and are often seen in wall corners near ceilings, in fabric folds, and in dark cracks indoors. Outdoors, they hide in between leaves, under stones, and on bark. They actively hunt at night and rest in their webs during the day.


Other insects.

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