Have you been hearing some creatures stirring this holiday season? Got signs of mice or rats? Rodents like mice and rats are prevalent this time of year in these colder months. They’re looking for a warm, dry place just like us to cozy up for the winter. Read the graphic below to see if you may have any holiday invasions, and if you think you do, contact us here. We’re always happy to help.

6 Signs of Mice to Watch For This Season

Rat infographic

Think You May Have Some Invaders?

Sanitation goes a long way to prevent these winter rodent problems. Practicing these prevention tips, along with our Healthy Home Maintenance Program‘s quarterly visits will provide protection you need all year ’round, and peace of mind you deserve. Our professional crew is only a phone call or click away. Learn more about the steps we take to meet your individual needs and the skills we teach to help you maintain a happy, healthy, pest-free home.

Best-In-Service IPM Program

We go beyond the extra mile to give you, your staff, and your customers true peace of mind. The Rose Commercial IPM program benefits:

  • Customized, full-service routine maintenance
  • Dedicated account manager for ease of communication
  • Maintain compliance for the Department of Public Health’s pest requirements
  • Installation and maintenance of fly lights, rodent monitors, and any other necessary equipment
  • Maintenance of log book on premises to record sightings and pest pressures
  • Crack/crevice treatments for areas conducive to pest harborage
  • Professional recommendations to repair structural issues

We don’t just get rid of existing pests. We keep them from coming back.

Happy Rodent-Free Holidays!

From our family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season filled with laughter, smiles, and so much fun! And remember we’re here for you if you encounter any unexpected pest issues this winter! Stay warm!

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