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Does keeping your house cold keep bugs out?

Does Keeping Your House Cold Keep Bugs Out in the Midwest Rose Pest Solutions Keep Bugs Out of the House in the Midwest Our expert team at Rose Pest Solutions is here to provide insight into effective pest prevention and solutions. Insects and other pests are drawn to homes for food, shelter, and water. Maintaining […]

How to Avoid Stink Bugs

This is the time of year we talk about group of insects we collectively refer to as ‘Fall Invaders’ or ‘Overwintering Pests.’ They survive cold weather by hibernating in the void spaces of structures, including homes, factories, distribution centers, etc. These insects are attracted to these structures in search of an ideal warm resting site […]

Bugs in the kitchen? Time for a deep clean.

The holidays have come and gone. We are SO DONE with cooking, visiting, hosting. It’s time to take that tree down. Pack your favorite ornaments back up for another year. Reset. The new year is a great time for starting fresh, tidying up, organizing, and making sure things are stored properly. Having these things in […]