Rose Pest Solutions knows that by connecting children to nature we empower them from a young age to appreciate life, learn from experience, and take responsibility for their impact on others. We take great pride in sharing our love for the environment!

Rose’s Bug Squad Visits Your Classroom!

We love school visits! The Bug Squad brings the fun when it comes to learning about insects! Whether it’s with live insect show and tell, beekeeper demonstrations, or even mascot visits, we’re excited to make new friends at your school!

Rose STEM Program Flyer 2024

Take a look through our activity pages!
We hope we inspire your creativity and your love for insects at home!

Bug Crafts

Get your web of embroidery floss, gaggles of googly eyes, and antennae pipe cleaners ready because it’s crafting time! Fun for all ages, bonus points if you are able to find recyclable supplies around the house.

Bug Snacks

Whether you’re trying to stick to healthy snacks or looking for the perfect sweet gooey Halloween treat, we have you covered. Send us photos of your insect treat and get featured on our instagram.

Bug Costumes

If you love to celebrate nature as much as we do you’ll love these costume ideas. From simply sweet to intricately amazing! Costumes for all sizes, and even for your pet!

Coloring Pages

We made some coloring sheets for you to print and color! Get them here!

Pestworld for Kids

Pestworld for kids has TONS of awesome games, videos, e-books and interactive activities. Check it out!

Our partners are also amazing resources for all kinds of edutainment!


Rose is proud to partner with Chicago’s WTTW Channel 11 to help educate and empower our kids to love science, nature, and the environment.

Get the WTTW and WFMT Educational Resource List Here!

Home Zone

Since having to close their physical doors, Kohl Children’s Museum has burst open their virtual doors at the Home Zone. There are a variety of videos featuring Museum Educators teaching STEM learning and reading aloud from their favorite books. You can even visit them for a virtual tour on youtube and take a quick summertime walk through the pollinator garden that Rose donated. <3

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

Take a close look at Peggy Notebaert’s personal specimen collection. You can also sign up for their daily email packed full of facts, activities and great questions to ask your kids to engage their science needs.

Chicago Children's Museum

The museum is releasing a series called Recipes for Play at Home and has also put together a brand new Parenting Playbook, a free resource with community support.

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Learn how to make a beautiful collection, catch a story, or take a look at exhibits to come, for something to look forward to. Watch this clip for a special Bug Girl Appearance! 

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