Bugs and rodents are definitely NOT something anyone ever wants to think about or experience while they’re eating. Am I right?! As food lovers, we typically don’t think twice about where our grocery store products come from or how clean a kitchen is in a restaurant. That’s because a lot goes on behind the scenes to make sure people don’t HAVE to think twice about the safety and health factors involved with their food sources or restaurant dining.

Rose Pest Solutions Protects the Food Industry

Experts at Rose Pest Solutions go way back with experts in the food industry. Founded in 1860, Rose has been a well-known name in the food industry for over 160 years, especially in Chicago. Grandfather Dold managed Rose’s Chicago franchise during the mid 1900s, which was headquarters for our then nationwide company. The very same office is still in Wicker Park on North Avenue two Dold family generations later. Our reputation for keeping food industry establishments free from pests has caught wind throughout the Midwest all the way up to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, down into Indianapolis and even Louisville, KY. We support your health in many places that you may not have even realized. From giant food distribution warehouses to your favorite local diner, Rose is a name you can trust when it comes to all things food related.

Serving and Staying Connected

Communication is THE most important part of any Integrated Pest Management partnership with your pest control provider. You have to be able to call your “Bug Guy or Gal” when ANYTHING arises in this industry. Why choose Rose for that? Well, let’s just say, we haven’t been around for over 160 years by not answering our phones. Rose is VERY present as a resource to ensure top notch, award-winning food safety and best practices from the manufacturing facility to the fork, every step of the way. Partnering with us will keep your business, employees and your customers safe from disease carrying pests such as flies, roaches, and rodents. You’ll pass audits with superior results. The Health Department will thank you when you tell them who does your maintenance service! You’ll get peace of mind because you will literally be in the best hands possible. Satisfaction guaranteed.The group friends in Food Industry ta Chicago DMA,Always a great time with our friends! Moretti’s, Edison Park. Food Industry News Shmoozefest, August 2021.

Rose ❤️s Your Business

We want what’s best for everyone’s health. Complimentary education seminars for staff, free quotes and inspections, and a long-lasting partnership in public health is what we have to offer. If you see us at a Shmoozefest, a Food Expo in your city, or any other number of local business and family-friendly events we sponsor, please say hi! We love meeting the people we serve. We love making new friends, too! As a family business, there’s nothing more important to us than building a relationship that will last for years. So don’t be shy! We’re here for all your pest protection and sanitation needs!

Midwest Foodservice Expo, Milwaukee

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