American Cockroach

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First, contact us. The American cockroach is very commonly seen in older buildings along water. An infestation can pose serious health risks to your family or business. Therefore, good sanitation and habitat reduction is the key to effective control. Also, vacuuming and surveillance are very important, a professional baiting program, and careful sealing of cracks to help reduce or eliminate a cockroach population. Because cockroaches are nocturnal and experts at hiding, successful roach control requires special equipment, materials and expertise.

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How to Identify an American Cockroach


Up to 2″ long; largest of the house-infesting cockroaches. Reddish brown, with a yellowish figure-8 pattern on the back of the head.


American cockroaches are commonly found in warm, damp places such as sewers and basements, particularly around pipes and drains. This is unlike the smaller German Cockroach, which is mostly found in kitchens and bathrooms. American roaches are very aggressive, making control difficult at times. They are more likely to be seen in daytime and outdoors than other species. They are most active when the temperature is 70 degrees or higher, although they can survive lower temperatures.


Scavenger; eats almost anything.

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“…especially the laundry room which we didn’t even know was having issues.”

“Shaun did a great job clearing our large residential complex of roaches, especially the laundry room which we didn’t even know was having issues. He has been doing a lot of similar work for us, and is the best tech that we have worked with.”

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