Mud Dauber

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First, contact us. If nests are already established, your technician may treat each individual nest then scrape the nest off the building with a putty knife. Mud daubers are beneficial in that they control spider populations, but can be a nuisance once they establish nests. A preventative barrier can be applied to the exterior of your home to prevent stinging insects from building nests on your building. Take a look at this and other stinging insect control options here.

How to Identify a Mud Dauber


Mud daubers are typically about ½-1” in size and are usually black with a skinny stalk that connects the thorax to the abdomen. They have an iridescent sheen to their bodies and their wings could be transparent or dark brown to black. Some are yellow and black. Their nests are constructed of mud, giving them their name. They are tube-shaped and constructed side by side like columns.


Mud daubers are solitary insects and prefer sheltered sites like eaves, porch overhangs, attics, barns, and sheds. If the mud tube nests have holes in them, this usually means the insects have emerged and the tubes are old or inactive. Female mud daubers deposit their eggs on spiders that have been injected with venom. These spiders are placed in the mud tubes then plastered over. The egg develops, spins a cocoon, and emerges from the mud tube the following spring.

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