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First, contact us. If you live in a rural setting, the most effective way to keep your home protected from vole invasions is to seal up any possible nook or cranny in the structure and foundation of the building to prevent them from accessing your living spaces. A baiting system installed on the exterior perimeter will control populations.

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How to Identify a Vole


Brown or grey, rounded body with stocky appearance, stumpy legs and a short tail, about 4 to 8.5″ in length.


Voles, also called meadow mice or field mice, are chubby furry little rodents with small eyes and rounded hidden ears that thrive in prairie or woodland settings. They’re active day and night, don’t hibernate, and make tunnels with many burrow entrances. Vole females have 1-5 litters per year with an average of 5 babies in each litter. They’re capable of excessive damage to orchards, crops, residential and rural landscapes. Voles are often confused with moles, but are actually quite different rodents.


Plants, grass, seeds, bark, crops, insects, fruits, insects, and animal remains.

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Here are some of the others found in the Midwest.

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I had NO idea they were acrobat ants!

“I knew I had an ant problem but I had no idea how bad it was. Our basement flooded a year ago and we thought we had remedied the problem, except this spring we found several ants in our basement. Rose identified the ants as Acrobat Ants and that the drywall and framework had many nests inside. Many! We ended up having to re-drywall the basement due to mold (and the ants) but we wouldn’t have known about the entirety of the problem if it wasn’t for Rose Pest Control.”

Harriett F. | Homeowner in Southwest Michigan

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