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Summer is coming to a close and your kiddos are heading back to school. Read this blog post to see some fun things we’ve been up to this summer and what we can do for you outside of pest control services in the communities we serve!

Have You Heard About Bugapalooza?

It felt so good to be back inside one of our favorite places, The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago right by the zoo. We celebrated our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE animals ever: BUGS! Bugapalooza is an annual summertime event that we sponsor that centers around all things BUGS! We hosted a super fun bug craft make-and-take corner, watched a puppet show, cheered on Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches as they raced, and our beloved mascot, Zippy the Honeybee even made an appearance. Watch our Youtube short below to see what Bugapalooza is all about!


SummerBurst at Kohl Children’s Museum  

SummerBurst is still happening through THIS Sunday! Make sure you grab your tickets at this link and visit to see some of the cool bugs they have outside along the pollinator pathway!

Caterpillar Playground

National Honeybee Day was August 21st!

(And our Queen Bee’s Birthday) Happy Birthday, Janelle!

There’s definitely a difference between honeybees and wasps. Read this previous blog post on everything you need to know. We love honeybees. Rose Pest Solutions understands the important role honeybees serve in our environment. We love what they do for us so much that we are always looking for new ways to team up and support them. What’s our favorite way to support the bees?… Pollinator Gardens! We’ve installed pollinator gardens in schools, museums, and most recently right in the middle of our urban community. Check out our blog Planting Hope to learn more about the work we did with Girl Scout Troop #25774.

 Bug Girls in the Classroom 

We love school visits! The Bug Girls bring the fun when it comes to learning about insects! Whether it’s with live insect show and tell, beekeeper demonstrations, or even mascot visits, we’re excited to make new friends at your school! And if in-person visits still aren’t your jam, we are totally down to do a virtual zoom visit as well. 🙂

Class Projects and Units we participate in:

Honey bee studies

Butterfly release projects

Insect chapters

Pollinator studies

Make and take craft workshops

Mascot appearances

Live insect show and tell

Check out this blog for more info.

The rose pest staff in Children's school at Chicago DMA,
Bug Girls L to R: Janelle Iaccino, Marketing Director, Anna Kleck, Marketing Coordinator, and Erin Anthony, Marketing Coordinator

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