Don’t let bed bugs ruin your business’ integrity. With these parasitic insects on the rise all over the world, it’s time to be proactive. Our staff can organize an action plan with your facility or property manager to ensure you’re protected and prepared.

Commercial bed bug control by Rose Pest Solutions


We’ll Train Your Staff

We believe that education is the first line of defense against bed bugs and any other pest. We’ll come train your staff on how to properly identify bed bugs so they can detect a problem early on. Rose, Chicago bed bug experts, can work with you to create a protocol in the event bed bugs are introduced to your business or multi-family environment. With state of the art monitoring technology and raised awareness, you can prevent infestations before they put your company at risk.

Commercial Bed Bug Control Options

We take great pride in using the latest technologies available to achieve the most effective results for our customers’ unique needs. Take a look at the comparative chart below to see which preventative program is right for your business.

Commercial Bed Bug Control Service Options

The Proactive Solution

The key to ultimate pest protection is preventing a problem before it gets out of control. Rose Pest Solutions is proud to be the first pest control company in the U.S. to offer a truly proactive bed bug program to do exactly that. This solution is great for multi-unti housing, hotels, hospitals, dormitories, high rises, and many more environments. Using IPM methods, the proactive bed bug solution provides an extended period of bed bug control and can be combined with other routine pest control programs for full coverage pest control. To learn more, please reach out to us.

Rose Pest Solutions’ Bed Bug Services

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