We had such a mild winter. And lately, I don’t know about you guys, but it’s been impossible to dress myself properly for the manic mood swings Mother Nature’s taking from one hour to the next. From cold swampy sleet to sunny skies in a matter of hours, it’s pretty crazy. What does it mean? How is it affecting the earth, humans, animals and even pests?

Weather and Pests

There’s no question bugs and rodents are just as confused as we are. Winter in the Midwest is typically a time for bugs to slow down and retreat into safe nooks and crannies to survive the elements. But when your winter is so warm and you start seeing mosquitoes in your apartment in December (that really happened to me!!) you know things are out of whack. Without extreme cold, pests stayed more active this season. And they exist to pretty much eat and mate most of the time. So guess what that means for spring. If you ask me “Are bugs worse this year?” I’ll tell you my opinion by describing how I got bitten by a mosquito in the month of December. norway_rat_front_view.jpg

Rose Partners with Chicago’s Nature Museum to educate people of all ages on Weather to Climate

Rose_group_photo_Nature_Museum_exhibit_premier_3-31-16.jpegFrom left to right: Rose representatives Paul Erickson, Don Evans, Bery Pannkuk, Janelle Iaccino, Howard Sipe Rose strongly believes in engagement, education and empowerment, especially in young children. We are absolutely honored to be part of such an important topic in today’s ever-changing environment and are grateful for the partnership we have with Chicago’s Nature Museum

About the Exhibit

Experience the intense power of extreme weather events and examine how climate change is affecting human and animal communities around the world in this interactive exhibit. Use the simulator to combine Earth’s forces and whip up a storm of epic proportions, get on stage to see if you have what it takes to be a meteorologist in our climate lab, create a new animal designed for a changing climate and more! See what ABC 7 is saying about the exhibit! The Weather to Climate exhibit at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum is open to the public now through October 2016. There’s literally something for everyone in this exhibit! Check it out today! caspnnm-wc-web-graphic.jpg

Here are some of the photos I took at the exhibit!

20160331_162950.jpg  20160331_171035.jpg 20160331_171832.jpg 20160331_171155.jpg  20160331_171234.jpg 20160331_171422.jpg 20160331_171056.jpg  20160331_171215.jpg

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