We’ve all seen products in stores to kill mice and rats before like d-Con, TomCat, and Victor. This gave homeowners the less expensive DIY option if
signs of mice in the house occurred.

The EPA has changed laws on rodenticide use.

And it’s important to know what your options are because of this change.

There’s no question that rodents are just not safe or healthy for you or your family to live with. In addition to all the diseases they can transmit, their fecal matter and urine get deposited everywhere they go. In addition, their constant gnawing can cause damage to wires in a home and can cause fires. Rodent related dangers have been documented for decades. It’s no secret. But what about the dangers involved with trying to get rid of these harmful pests?

Do these products look familiar?

Consider them a thing of the past.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hath spoken due to secondary poisoning.

Q: What is secondary poisoning?

A: Example: If your dog is out playing in the yard and happens to get hold of, chew and eat a mouse that has consumed rodenticide, your dog may become sick from the rodenticide in that mouse’s system.

The biggest change in the new rodenticide laws for the consumer is
the type of product and the amount of the product they can get.

  • No more “single feed” baits (d-Con pellets, seed cakes, etc.)
  • “Multi-feed” baits that are generally less potent (called first generation rodenticides) are the replacement
  • Baits can only be sold to the consumer in packages less than 1 pound and only in block or soft bait forms (no pellets, liquid, meal, or powder)
  • Station must be tamperproof and included with the bait in its packaging

Q: What does this mean?

A: The products the consumer can buy will take much more bait to kill the rodents because the rodents must feed multiple times in order to receive a toxic dose. The reason for this is because these products have an extremely low secondary poisoning possibility.

 So, how is Rose handling these changes?
What is Rose doing to help consumers?

 A new product is available in accordance with the EPA’s new laws at our stores.
It’s called the T1 Mouse and it looks like this:

If you’re a firm believer in DIY, we’ve got what you need. Stop on in to see us at one of our locations or give us a buzz if you want to know more about the T1.

What Rose is really trying to emphasize now more than ever is the importance of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods. Rose is all about solving the problem and not just treating the symptoms.

IPM starts at the structure. Taking into account that a mouse can fit in a dime size hole and rat, a silver dollar sized hole, Rose offers detailed exclusion services without the use of rodenticides. Not only is it less risky in general, but it’s MUCH more effective than getting one of these…


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