Saying you don’t know what a bed bug looks like, at this point in the world, is kind of like saying you’ve lived in the city of Chicago your whole life and have never eaten a Chicago-style hot dog.

It happens, but don’t put yourself in that kind of embarrassing situation!!

Trust the best…Rose Pest will show you five things in the next five minutes to make you smarter than you were before you started reading this.


  1. This is a bed bug. It is visible without a magnifier. Those yellow things are exoskeletons that have been shed from bed bugs that grew too big for their old skin by consuming your blood.
  2. Bed bugs are awesome hiders and often live in places other than your bed, such as nightstands, dressers, behind baseboards, window frames, curtains, etc. When they’re not feeding, they’re breeding.
  3. They detect your body’s heat signature and also carbon dioxide when you breathe. This is how they know to come feed on you. You’ll find fecal deposits (small dark spots) along their travel paths that look like this:
  4.  Everyone reacts to bed bug bites differently. Just because you woke up with visible bitemarks this morning, doesn’t necessarily mean you just got bitten last night. It could have happened a week ago. They don’t carry diseases though, so don’t spend a fortune at the doctor.
  5. Lysol does not kill bed bugs. In fact, even most pesticides available to consumers will not cure a bed bug infestation. Do the right thing. Get a professional involved sooner, rather than later, to save yourself mental anguish.




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