I had the pleasure of visiting an amazing place on Monday. The Illinois Natural History Survey is home to over 7 million insect specimens and is one of the largest collections in North America. I was like a kid in a candy store…but I promise I didn’t eat any of the bugs.


Each one of those drawers contains rows and rows of insects all carefully categorized and pinned to foam in little boxes. The specimens in the photo below are several types of termites.


Other drawers contained bigger specimens like these beetles.


What was the point of my visit to INHS? Well, besides my personal love for insects and science, Rose’s website is in the process of being redesigned. And part of this detailed project will involve a fresh, new look for our insect identification library! Over 100 specimens were photographed by the very talented Ricky Kluge on Monday and I can’t wait to share these beautiful macro images with the world! Stay tuned!


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