Fumigation. We’ve got a container fumigation facility in place to provide an option for our customers with items that may be infested with unwanted pests. But, when is fumigation a better choice than modern conventional pest control treatments? Allow us to explain…

When is a Fumigation Service Necessary?

There’s a time and a place for fumigation services. The following are just a few examples:

  • Antique furniture infested with powder post beetles or other wood-destroying insects
  • Oriental Rugs infested with carpet beetles
  • Paintings, fabrics, etc. that are infested with any insect not wanted in your home
  • Any household item infested with BED BUGS
  • Taxidermy items infested with moths or dermestid beetles
  • Rental furniture store items that have been returned with bugs in them
  • Donation center acceptions, such as used furniture, clothing, mattresses, etc.

Webbing Clothes Moth, Photo cred: Ricky Kluge


What is fumigation?

Fumigation: a treatment type in which a gas is introduced into an area and remains there for a period of time to kill off the targeted insect.

The gas gets absorbed into everything so insects CANNOT hide from it. After the gas has been held for the prescribed amount of time, it is allowed to evaporate or what we call “off gas”. After the off gassing is completed, there is no residual chemical left behind! This is an important point because while the gases used in fumigating are extremely hazardous during the treatment, after the treatment there is nothing left to make you sick.

The Scrubber

Our fumigation container facility has been designed to be as safe and environmentally responsible as possible. A F.A.S.T. (Foam Activated Scrubbing Technology) system accompanies this facility to capture and destroy fumigant molecules after fumigation has taken place. The gases are exhausted into a tank that contains a non-toxic material that breaks down the molecules completely so that nothing harmful is released into the atmosphere.

Now THAT is Green!

F.A.S.T. System

Where Rose’s Fumigation Services Take Place

Rose Pest Solutions has a convenient drop off location for your fumigation service needs at O’Hare Airport (building 510 on the corner of Spine Road and Old Cargo Road just off of Mannheim Road). Prior to dropping off items for fumigation, a call to schedule the service or quote request is necessary.


Bedbug Fumigation

Often times, when bed bug infestations occur, an immediate reaction is to throw the mattress away or toss the couch even if a treatment has taken place for bed bug control. Truth is, you don’t have to throw anything away! You can just have all of the items fumigated. It’s guaranteed 100% to kill eggs, nymphs, and adult insects of all kinds, including bed bugs. This will not only save you a ton of money so you don’t have to go out and buy all new furniture or a bed, but it will also give you peace of mind knowing that no insect can survive fumigation.

Bedbugs, Photo cred: Ricky Kluge


Several factors will determine the cost of utilizing the fumigation container for pest infestations.

  • Type of item(s) that has insect activity (wood furniture, bags of clothing, etc.)
  • Number of items needing fumigated
  • Size of items (determines how many will fit in the container at one time)
  • Pick up/drop off services by a Rose technician
  • Type of insect infestation in item(s)

When you contact us to further discuss fumigation as an option for your pest situation, please have all of the above information ready to describe so that we may accurately provide a quote to you in a timely fashion.

Whether you’re looking for furniture fumigation, bed bug fumigation, or could utilize our fumigation container for multiple items that you would like to be 100% pest-free, we’ve got a solution for you! And it’s uber environmentally responsible, too!


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