Do you have items that have become infested with bugs?

Think twice before throwing them away! Rose offers fumigation services; container fumigation services to be precise, for those items that mean a lot to you or that you spent a good amount of money on so you don’t have to part with them!

chair with bed bugs in it
Heirloom upholstered chair with bed bugs in it

What is Container Fumigation?

Let’s start by defining fumigation. Fumigation is a process that employs fumes in order to exterminate pests. By using a container, we trap the fumes inside a controlled space to maximize penetration of the gas into the objects that you put inside the container. This method is also very environmentally responsible so that gases don’t escape into our environment and harm other non-targeted living creatures.

guardians of your environment NPMA
Guardians of your environment!

How is fumigation different from other methods of controlling pests?

Fumigation utilizes pest-eliminating products in a gas form. As you may recall from elementary science classes, gases, liquids, and solids are three types of matter. Pest control professionals use all three types of pest control products. Each product is carefully chosen depending on what the situation calls for. Most pest situations are easily eliminated with solid baits and liquid sprays. However, sometimes, more severe cases call for thorough penetration of an object to 100% effectively rid an item of an infestation. That’s where fumigation services come into play.

How does it work?

Rose’s container fumigation introduces a gas form of pesticide into the enclosed chamber once an insect-infested item is placed inside. The gas remains there for a period of time to kill off the targeted insect.

The gas gets absorbed into the item contained completely, so insects CANNOT run or hide from it. The gas enters the insects’ body walls, lungs and spiracles (that’s what insects breathe through). After the gas has been held for the prescribed amount of time, it is allowed to evaporate or what we call “off gas”. After the off gassing is completed, there is no residual chemical left behind! This is an important point because while the gases used in fumigating are extremely hazardous during the treatment, after the treatment there is nothing left to make you sick. You can walk barefoot on a fumigated rug without worrying about chemicals absorbing into the bottoms of your feet, for example.

What are some examples of things you can fumigate?

There are a number of situations where fumigation is the best option when you’re dealing with a pest infestation in things that mean something to you, sentimentally and/or financially. Here are some examples:

  • Area rugs or carpets with carpet beetles
  • Artifacts from other countries with foreign insects
  • Wooden furniture with powderpost beetles
  • Lumber with termites
  • Taxidermy with dermestids
  • Fur coats or other valuable clothing with fabric pests
  • Furniture infested with bed bugs
  • Bed frames, mattresses or box springs with bed bugs
  • Paintings or large framed pictures with bed bugs or other pests
  • Comforters or linens infested with bed bugs
  • Books, magazines, newspapers, files or other documents with book lice, bed bugs or other bugs

shoebox with bed bugs
Shoebox with bed bugs

And for our commercial business customers, here are some examples of things you may need fumigated:

  • Items shipped in from overseas
  • Flowers
  • Certain food items of foreign origin
  • Warehoused products with stored product pests like rice weevils or flour beetles
  • Products that will be exported to other countries’ ports that require fumigations

fumigation for flowers chicago
Flower Fumigation services available at O’Hare Airport, Rose’s Container Fumigation Facility

How to arrange for a Fumigation Service

First, we’ll need to talk to you to find out what items you’re interested in having fumigated. We’ll evaluate the size, quantity, material, type of pest it’s infested with and how bad the infestation is. Based on those criteria, we’ll be able to provide a quote for you for free.

Next, we’ll ask if you prefer to drop off your items to our container fumigation location at O’Hare Airport (building 510 on the corner of Spine Road and Old Cargo Road just off of Mannheim Road) or if you’d like a pick up service. Once all of those details are decided, you will have arranged your fumigation service! Our on-site technician will be able to further discuss details and answer any questions you may have.


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