How do I know if I have bed bugs?

Do I have bed bugs?

What do bed bugs look like?

Where can I find pictures of bed bugs?

You’re one of thousands of people asking these questions in America right now. But how do you know if what you’re reading on the internet is true? How do you know what’s a sales gimmick and what’s not? Is buying a can of bed bug and dust mite killer at Home Depot the way to go?

pictures of bed bugs

You’re not alone. We can help!

Where can I find pictures of bed bugs?

BOOM! Here are some pictures of bed bugs to help you learn what to look for if you suspect these creatures. You want to remember to use a flashlight, pay special attention to small cracks and crevices, collect any insects on tape and place them in a ziploc, and try to stay calm. (Easier said than done, I understand. Trust me. I FREAKED when I dealt with this years ago.)

what a bed bug looks like
Adult bed bugs

what do bed bug eggs look like
Baby bed bugs emerging from eggs

bed bugs on seam of mattress
Fecal deposits and bed bug on seam of mattress

bed bug shed skin
Shed Skin and bed bug with blood stain

bed bugs on chair
Bed bugs on upholstered chair

adult and nymph bed bugs
Three stages of bed bug life

Grossed out yet?

I know how stressful this whole scenario is. I thought my heart was going to explode when I discovered I had been invaded with these things. It was beating so hard and fast, my glasses were pulsating off my face. Not even joking. Our entire staff is here for you. If you’re not comfortable doing the identification part yourself, we’ll do it for you. And it’s free. If you feel confident enough to proceed, here are some more photos of bed bugs

bed bug skins and feces on mattress
Shed skins and feces on mattress seam

bed bugs after feeding
Bed bugs appear darker and bloated after feeding

severe bed bug population
Severe bed bugs

signs of bed bugs near outlet cover
Dark flecks near electrical outlet are good signs of bed bugs

bed bugs under mattress trim
Bed bugs love to hide under trim and tags

What do bed bug bites look like?

If you’ve got some insect bites and you’re wondering if they might be bed bug bites, keep in mind that going to the doctor is not going to be your source for identifying if in fact you have bed bugs or not. Everyone reacts to bug bites differently. Think about the summertime when mosquitoes are out. Some people don’t even get bitten. If you’re like me, and have super mega ultra sensitive skin, you’re going to look like you have a disease if you have any kind of bug bite. (This is my life, guys.) Your reaction solely depends on how you normally react to bug bites.

Bed bugs do not transmit diseases

So, we’re good there. You know you can’t get Black Death or Typhoid Fever (is that even a thing anymore?) from bed bugs. But, festering your bites can certainly make them worse. You have a lot of bacteria under your fingernails. This is just a fact whether we like it or not. If you’re scratching your bites like crazy and break the skin, you’re running the risk of infection. This is where your doctor can help by prescribing anti-itch cream or antibiotics or whatever you need to deal with the bite aftermath. I use that cortisone ice stuff for mosquito bites in the summer. You can find at any drug store. It’s pretty soothing.

Pictures of bed bug bites

Let’s take a look at the gamut of bed bug bite reactions. One tell-tale sign of bed bug bites is the pattern of the bites. Multiple bites in rows are a good indication the bug was strolling along your exposed skin while you were sleeping and had a nice snack without you even knowing.

bed bug bite reaction

swelling reaction to bed bug bite

back with bb bites resized 600

leg with bb bites resized 600

raised bumps resized 600

Now that you know what to look for and how to tell if your bug bites are bed bug bites, keep one last thing in mind. Don’t be fooled by over-the-counter gimmicks in stores for products that say they kill bed bugs. Not only will they be unable to control a bed bug problem, but they are far more dangerous than you realize. You don’t want lung doctor bills on top of an exterminator bill.

Do the right thing!

Call a certified professional pest management company. We know what we’re doing. We take TONS of courses on these bugs and get all creeped out FOR YOU so you don’t have to suffer anymore. I’m itching right now, actually, just thinking about all this stuff. And I’ll probably have nightmares about it tonight too. (This is my life, guys.)


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