Chicago tops the nation’s list for most pest ridden cities in the United States. Cold winters and severe seasonal changes can cause pest infestations when animals seek shelter inside. The prevalence of many old buildings in Chicago also may lead to increased populations of rodents through cracks and holes in building structures or walls. Rose Pest Control has been serving Chicagoland for decades and is THE natural leader in the field. Learn more about the Rose difference now.


Did you know that Rose Pest Solutions is the oldest pest control company in America? It’s true! Solomon Rose began selling a very early form of rodent control product to the Union Army back in 1860 as shipments came to America during the Civil War. Health threats like the Bubonic plague, Hantavirus and risks of food and other product contamination were curbed with Mr. Rose’s rat solutions. Expanding to include additional states along the east coast and in the midwest, Rose is still a family run business today. Robert Dold and his wife Judy Dold are the current owners and believe in providing, “safe, healthy, solutions for families and businesses’ pest needs.” With over a hundred fifty years of experience, Rose has a proven understanding of pest control Chicago.

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Pest Identification

Proper identification of your pest is key, but how do you know exactly what is plaguing your home? Sometimes you can get lucky and see a squirrel heading to his winter stash or a mouse run across the kitchen, but more often than not, your unwelcome visitor remains unseen. Roaches scatter in the light and bedbugs easily hide in furniture. Even when you do find something skittering across the floor, exactly what the insect is may be unclear. The problem with lack of identification is that not all pest control methods are universal. Rose’s branches encourage you bring in your bugs for proper identification and also provides an online pest library to help you from afar. They can also help you track down and identify any scratching, chewing, or other suspicious noises in your walls. With a high level of professionalism, Rose identifies your problem, prescribes the perfect remedy, and leaves you with peace of mind.

Integrated Approach

For pest control Chicago, Rose takes an integrated approach. This integration means that they do not simply rely on chemicals when treating your home or business. A professional will assess your unique situation and identify points of entry and any conducive conditions to the source of your pest problem. In addition to eliminating current pests, Rose then works to prevent future infestations. Measures such as sealing up holes, and caulking water leaks are considered as part of the entire service package. Rose is all about solving the problem, not just treating for pest symptoms, like most companies out there that are just interested in getting you to sign a contract.

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Family Friendly

Rose Pest Control is not only family run, but also prides itself on being family friendly. Rose only uses products regulated by the EPA. Many non-chemical eradication methods are available, such as rodent exclusion, thermal remediation, and Dow Agro’s Sentricon baiting system for termites. Rose also believes in education and encouraging children’s natural curiosity. Instead of teaching children to fear the creepy crawlers, they provide resources such as a free online children’s book.


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They’ve Seen it All

A common question in pest control is if a service company has experience with your specific needs. Whether you live in a fifth floor walk-up or a 19th century farm house – Rose has seen it all. Serving the Chicago area for over 150 years, they have dealt with rampaging rodents, bed bug infestations, raccoons in attics, hornet nests and everything in between.

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In addition to their history, they employ the latest modern technologies to deal with all kinds of pests like:

  • Ant Control Chicago – from Carpenter ants to the Odorous House ant, colonies are exterminated and prevented from reforming
  • Midwest Biting Insects – mosquitos, fleas, bedbugs, and ticks are denied their next warm-blooded meals
  • Residential Cockroach Extermination – Cockroaches are eliminated through good sanitation and habitat reduction
  • Fabric Pest Control Chicago – Carpet beetles and clothes-eating moths are eliminated with proper cleaning and storage
  • Seasonal Flies, Great Lakes Invaders- one of the more challenging pests, larval sites are located and eliminated
  • Rolling, Crawling, and Creeping Bugs  – usually found outside of your house like Pill bugs and Centipedes, mulch habitats are removed
  • Farmhouse Pantry Pests – Weevils and Beetles can be eliminated with proper storage and cleanup
  • Chicago-Bred Rats and Rodents – rodents such as mice and rats can be removed and prevented with both humane traps and baits.
  • Wolf Spiders and other Poisonous Pests – in addition to pesticides, proper vacuuming and screen repairs can prevent spiders from thriving indoors inside
  • Illinois Bred Yellow Jackets – prevent colony formations and watch for seasonal wasp infestations by calling a professional
  • Termites/Wood Destroying Insects – get a free home assessment to understand the damage and fumigate the entire structure

Rose Pest Control is a natural leader for pest control Chicago with its proven history, focus on family, integrated approach, and high level of experience. For more information on infestations and treatment, contact your Rose professional online.

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