It can happen to anyone. Bed bugs are no longer just part of that old saying “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” They are real. And they’re not picky when it comes to who or what they hitch a ride on for their next blood feast.


Are you wondering if the bites on your body could be from bed bugs? Did you have them while you were on vacation just last weekend? It could just be mosquito bites, right? Maybe your child came home from college to visit for the weekend, bringing backpacks full of dirty laundry. No matter what is going on in your busy life, if you’re asking yourself “Do I have Bed Bugs?” it’s time to learn what to look for and how.

“How do I know if it is bed bugs? What do I look for? How do I look for them?”

Follow these inspection steps to do a preliminary inspection for bed bugs. Please remember though; even if you don’t find any of the signs, bed bugs could still be present. Always contact a professional to conclude presence accurately.

1. Gently remove the bed linens from one corner of your bed. Start on one end and follow seams, pulling them back to expose creases. Bed bugs hide extremely well and will often wedge their bodies into cracks and crevices, away from possible disturbance.

2. Look for dark brown to black flecks along the sides of your mattress or boxspring. These are fecal deposits and they will appear along bed bug travel paths. Be sure to check side tables, your headboard, window frames, picture frames and around electrical outlets.

3. Look for shed exoskeleton skins. These are pale yellow or translucent skins that are identical in shape to the bed bug itself. Bed bugs molt after feedings to advance to the next stage in their life cycles.

4. Call a professional! If during your self-inspection you’ve found any of the indicative signs of bed bug activity, it’s crucial to get a professional involved sooner rather than later. These creatures breed out of control very quickly. The longer you wait to have it professionally treated, the more expensive the entire process will be and the more difficult it will be to control the bed bugs.

For more great info and tips on how to inspect your bed or other furniture for bed bug presence or activity, check out our website. Do I Have Bed Bugs?

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