Have you heard this phrase,

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)“?

What does it mean?

Why should you care?


Environmental consciousness and health awareness is why Integrated Pest Management is worth learning about-especially if you have children. There are enough risks in the world these days that can cause illness and hardships. How a home is serviced for pests is the last thing a homeowner needs to be concerned about.

Rose Pest Solutions has eliminated that concern for you right off the bat.


So, what exactly is IPM?

The simple answer is that it’s solving a problem at its root,

and not just treating symptoms.

If you take your car to a mechanic because of a noise coming from your engine and their solution is to turn up the radio so you can’t hear it anymore, that doesn’t really solve the problem does it?!


IPM solves the problem at its root or source.  A true IPM practitioner knows there are many steps that can be taken before you even consider using pesticides.

Integrated Pest Management is:

  • A process involving common sense and sound solutions for treating and controlling pests
  • Three basic steps: 1) inspection 2) identification and 3) treatment
  • A partnership between you and your licensed pest professional to acheive peace of mind against pest-related health and property threats
  • Lower pesticide risks with the use of alternate treatment options

Get your kids involved too with games and fun facts!


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