If you’re one of the 50-70 million Americans that have trouble sleeping, bed bugs are the last thing you need. Bed bug awareness is June 3-9 and Rose Pest Solutions is here to provide you with the preventative pest control tips you need to make sure that your vacation doesn’t leave you with an infestation in your home .

rose pest solutionsWhenever I leave for vacation every last second is spent checking and double checking that I have backup supplies on-hand for anything I can imagine going wrong. Band-aids, portable charger, sunscreen, etc. all the bare necessities for travel, because when it comes to staying in a hotel or air b&b, you never know what you could end up bringing back home.

Once I get to my room the first thing I do is leave my luggage in the bathtub while I check to make sure that one thing I will not be getting is bed bugs. Why the bathtub? They’re usually white and you’d be able to see if a bug was in the tub. Plus, they can’t grip the sides of the tub to get in so it’s the safest spot. Despite their name, bed bugs can be found virtually anywhere people sit and lay so that they can have an easy route to a food source. A little bit of bed bug facts can go a long way in helping protect your skin and sanity.

Common Bed Bug Hiding Spots in an Infested Room


How & Where to Check for Bed Bugs

Rose Pest Solutions has joined National Pest Management Association to provide you with key knowledge of where bed bugs may be hiding and how to prevent bringing them home. It is important to check you room before you open any luggage and to check your luggage again before you leave. Here’s how:

  1. Thoroughly inspect the entire room for bed bugs before unpacking, including behind the headboard under lights, and inside dressers, drawers, sofas and chairs.
  2. Pull back the sheets and inspect the mattress seams and box springs, particularly at the corners, for pepper-like stains, spots or shed bed bug skins.
  3. Place suitcases in a plastic trash bag during the duration of the trip to ensure that bed bugs cannot take up residence there prior to departure.
  4. Bed bugs can easily hitchhike via housekeeping carts, luggage and even through wall sockets. If an infestation is spreading, it typically does so in the rooms closest to its origin.
  5. These pests like to hide in small cracks and crevices close to human environment. They can be found behind baseboards, wallpaper, upholstery and in furniture crevices. 

Seek Professional Help for Bed Bugs

The elusiveness of bed bugs multiplied by their quick reproduction rates make these armies of vampires a battle for the pros. Learn how Rose Pest Solutions uses heat treatment strong enough to penetrate into the depths that bed bugs hide. Give us a call today at 800-GOT-PESTS. With satisfaction guaranteed, you have nothing to lose but bed bugs.

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