Believe it or not, the most deadly animals on the planet also happen to be the ones that are the most annoying: Mosquitoes. (Learn more in the Rose Pest Solutions Pest Library!) Home mosquito control is about more than just citronella candles, cans of repellent and wearables though because killing mosquitoes only solves part of the very serious problem.


What’s Wrong With Mosquitoes:

  • Zika. West Nile virus. Malaria. Dengue. Mosquitoes carry viruses, diseases and parasites that can pose serious health issues and can even be fatal.
  • Then there’s all the scratching, itchiness, redness and general soreness that happens after the bite.
  • Their breeding grounds are very small—think 1/2” of standing water under a leaky faucet, on top of a grill cover or under your car.
  • Mosquitoes find shelter in the shade on the west side of buildings to hide from the rising sun.
  • There are multiple mosquito species that are active throughout the day.
  • The mosquito season gets longer based on more water, higher humidity and higher temperatures. Does this sound like the current Chicagoland summer to anyone else?


How to Prevent Mosquitoes:

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) put together some very useful information that will help you deal with mosquito breeding grounds, the most effective repellents and how to apply them. The infographic above details all the places where mosquitoes are likely to breed in and around your yard, so start by addressing those potential problem areas.
Mosquitoes are a fact of life when you’re outside in the warmer months, so you should also protect yourself with a repellent. Check the label on the can or bottle to make sure the concentrations of DEET, Picardin, Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus or IR3535 meets the recommended standard for effectiveness based on the below information.
Once you have your effective repellent, here’s how you properly apply it!


Dealing with breeding grounds and protecting yourself and your loved ones with repellent are great first steps, but realistitcally, mosquito problems can’t completely be taken care of with over the counter cans of repellent, citronella candles and dealing with their breeding grounds on your own. Some times you need to call in a professional to take care of everything so you can focus on enjoying your yard. Let Rose Solutions pest give your yard a once over every few weeks to make sure it’s safe, friendly, fun and pest-free.
Rose Pest Solutions’ affordable seasonal mosquito control will take care of everything mosquito related in your yard about every three weeks to make sure you have peace of mind, safety and the ability to host a get together without turning your guests into the main course. Customers swear by it year after year because we do more than just kill mosquitoes. We make sure your yard is prepared for everything from a backyard barbeque to an afternoon pool party.
Don’t risk your health. Get a free quote for mosquito protection today!

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