Whether you are the owner of a Michelin three-star restaurant, or a manager at a small coffee shop, you know that problems in the pipes can bring booming business to a halt. Rose Pest Solutions has some great tips for keeping your drains clear of unwanted liquids and pests. Read on for more information.iStock-143922688

When runoff from grease, oils, and other waste seeps into your floor drains, a plethora of problems from flooding to pests may result. Nothing will chase clientele away faster than a bad smell and the presence of pests, no matter whom your industry serves.


Curtis Rand, Vice President of Operations for Rose Pest Solutions, warns about commercial drains in the winter, “This time of year, we frequently see phorid flies, drain flies, and fruit flies populate in kitchens. Cold temperatures tend to keep employees from wanting to empty trash receptacles as frequently as they should. Instead of taking it out to the dumpster, trash bags might be placed by a back door. Waste ferments and liquid run-off leaks onto the floor and into the drains. That’s a breeding playground for pests.”


Tips to prevent flying insect problems in a food establishment

  • Remove trash from the building as frequently as possible
  • Wash floors regularly
  • Scrub drains with wire brush to remove organic build up in pipes
  • Replace door sweeps to prevent pests from gaining access to the interior of the building
  • Don’t leave doors open for long periods of time
  • Educate staff on proper cleaning and sanitation procedures
  • Consider implementing a professional Drain Sanitation Program combined with your pest management program to ensure the highest standards in sanitation

Most insects will go dormant during cold winter months, but flying insect pests can affect a food establishment no matter what time of year it is. When it comes to fly prevention, the key is to eliminate the source of the problem before it begins. Drain sanitation and proper waste removal is a great place to start. GIve Rose a call at 800-GOT-PESTS or visit us online www.rosepestcontrol.com for more information on the services we offer.

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