Another year under Rose Pest Solutions’ belt for the Midwest Foodservice Expo. We’re settled back in at home and already excited for next year! If you didn’t get a chance to make it to Milwaukee for the show read on for highlights of what you missed.


Thank you so much to everyone that stopped by our Rose Pest Solutions booth! We had a great time answering questions, handing out swag from our award-winning giveaway table, and watching people take selfies with our unwanted guests. A lot of hard work went into creating our set-up and your reactions made it all worth it!

We had a ton of foot traffic to our booth, people were curious to see how we topped our stove and dumpster display from last year. We surprised the public with the perfect dinner table of uninvited guests. Aside from the mouthwatering shellac’d meal our table place settings were completed with mouse, fly, and cockroach facts. We even received several voter coins for the table decorating competition.

Uninvited Guests Table 


When we wanted to reach beyond our table we traveled the floor with our mischievous remote-control mouse to further illustrate the necessity of commercial pest control when talking about success in the restaurant industry.

Rose has the experience of handling pest problems at multiple levels so you can trust when we tell you that preventive measures are the first step to take and if you have pest control that is not getting the job done, it’s time for new pest control.

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