For more than a century, Rose Pest Solutions has been an industry leader and innovator in pest control and pest prevention. We’re committed to excellent service, helping the community and making sure you don’t have to deal with pesky pests when you have more important things to worry about. If you’re one of our customers, you knew all of that. What you might not know is that the Rose Pest Solutions family and coverage areas recently expanded when we added Burr Pest Control to our brand.

What’s new?

What’s new? Only the name. Burr Pest Control dates back to the late 1930’s, and has been part of the Rose Pest Solutions portfolio for quite some time, we just never shared a name. So that’s what changed. Burr Pest Control is now, officially, Rose Pest Solutions Rockford, IL office. The expert services, customer commitment, friendly and knowledgeable staff, phone number and location haven’t change. The only thing that’s different is the name (and technically the cool uniforms the staff will be wearing).

Why the change?

Adopting the parent company name allows us to streamline operations and service areas to make it easier than ever for you to get access to the Healthy Home Maintenance Program and our other commercial pest services in Illinois and Wisconsin. Rockford, IL. Beloit, WI. Janesville, WI. Freeport, IL. Dekalb, IL. Dixon, IL. Belvidere, IL. If you live in the Midwest, the odds are there’s a Rose Pest Solutions branch that can help with all your pest needs.  

How do I get in touch with Rose Pest Solutions?

The contact info for the former Burr Pest Control location remains the same, but here it is again for easy reference:


Contact info:
Rose Pest Solutions Rockford, IL
(formerly Burr Pest Control)
1649 Charles St.
Rockford, IL 61104
(815) 397-2373
Toll Free: (800)GOT-PESTS 

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