June 4 – 10, 2017 is official Bed Bug Awareness Week according to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). From helpful bed bug information and bed bug inspection, to bed bug treatment and bed bug prevention, we’re going to be covering everything bed bug in a series of blog posts throughout the week.

Bed bugs, despite their name, love to travel, and can be found virtually everywhere. Here’s what one Rose Branch Manager had to say:

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to manage. These resourceful bugs can easily hitch a ride in suitcases, on clothing and in other human belongings, allowing them to spread quickly and infest homes, transportation systems, offices and any other place where people gather.

They’ve got a nasty reputation that’s rightfully deserved, and getting rid of them can be an expensive and stressful ordeal. Just how much of a pain in the butt, sometimes literally, can they be? Check out the latest infographic from the NPMA.

Bed Bug Awareness Week 2017


The beg bug problem in the United States is best described as pervasive, and the problem has been on the rise since the early aughts. Last year, we wrote:

“While there is not one clear answer for the resurgence in bed bugs in recent years, the majority of pest professionals point to increased travel, lack of public awareness, and changing pest control products and methods.”

A lot can change in a year. Unfortunately, the increasing presence of bed bugs on a year-by-year basis isn’t one of them. We’ve always believed that education is the first step to proper pest control, so we’re going to be checking back in a few times this week to give you all the bed bug awareness knowledge you need. in the meantime…

Think you might have bed bugs? Absolutely sure you have bed bugs? Save your health, home, and wallet by seeking professional help as quickly as possible.

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