The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum is a staple of the Chicago community, and one of Rose Pest‘s most important partners. We’ve got a ton of new info to share about Chicago nature and the Museum, as well as some awesome events coming up that we’re sure you won’t want to miss!


Earlier this year, the Museum was selected as a finalist for the 2017 National Medal For Museum and Library Service. The medal is the highest honor of its kind, and awards the nation’s museums and libraries for exceptional contributions to their communities; and for 160 years, the Nature Museum has done just that. Founded and staffed by scientists, educators, beekeepers, and horticulturists, it remains at the forefront of educating both young and old the importance of STEM, conservation efforts both local and national, and the influence of things such as climate change on our planet.



If you’re interested in checking out the Museum, Rose Pest is happy to be sponsoring an exhibition happening currently, called Our House! This exhibit spoke to us and everything we believe in regarding environmentally friendly pest control. It’s all about the balance between humans and nature.

Our House is a hands-on exhibit showcasing the future of home design in a climate changing world, full of interactive content aimed at all ages!

  • Explore a giant wood block house filled with interactive activities
  • Walk into a backyard and learn about the animals that inhabit our yards and neighborhoods
  • Learn how we can tell climate change is occurring
  • Investigate new building materials and methods
  • Solve climate change challenges facing our homes like flooding, hurricanes, drought, wildfire, and snow
  • Build homes equipped to withstand extreme weather events, reduce our environmental impact, and support natural habitats
  • Learn ways we can support natural habitat for our non-human neighbors
  • Watch a landscape transform as a settlement changes the natural environment over time
  • Manipulate the main CO2 causes found in our homes: power, materials, HVAC, and water
  • Lend a hand to help our community tree grow

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Check out the Our House blog coverage, or the video below for even more of a preview!

One of the more major focuses of the exhibit is how we can teach climate change to our children, and how the things they do both outdoors and in the home affect our planet’s health. Since you know that here at Rose Pest we’re all about our community and everyone in it, this partnership is something very special to us. The kids website, Pest World For Kids, has heaps of info you can view and share with your kids regarding the environment, bugs, and our beautiful world.

We’ve even done events with the Nature Museum in the past. Check out our blog post about Plants for Pollinators, our garden sale we held in April! Janelle and Zippy, our mascot, spent the day schmoozing with the community, talking plants, bugs, and everything we love about nature and the impact it has on our lives.


Didn’t get a a chance to hang with Zippy and the Rose squad at our last event? Don’t sweat it! We’ll be back at the Nature Museum next month sponsoring one of our most fun events: Bugapalooza! On Friday, August 11th, invertebrate enthusiasts of all ages can totally geek out over all things bugs! You can chat with a professional entomologist, learn how to pin bugs for a collection, and even try your nerve at eating some many-legged delicacies!  

Ticket prices, more info, and a photo gallery of last year’s fun is right here. Make sure to check out our Facebook page and tag us in any photos this year! We want in on all the fun, so we’ll be hanging out to chat about bugs and household pest control…and we might even have some really awesome giveaways, but you’ll have to be there to find out!

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