How to Prevent Bed Bugs From Spreading with Rose Pest Solutions

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Rose Pest Solutions offers several effective preventative measures to protect from pest infestations. Whether traveling or moving, take preventative measures to avoid catching or spreading bed bugs. These tiny, troublesome pests can be avoided with a few simple tactics. Our team has extensive experience and expertise in bed bug control. Stopping the spread of bed bugs is essential to keeping your home safe. Remember, it’s much easier to avoid bed bugs than to eliminate them once they become a problem. The following expert information and tips can help you prevent bed bug infestations before they happen.

How to Identify and Avoid Bed Bug Bites

To properly diagnose a bed bug situation, insects need to be discovered during a pest inspection. Everyone reacts to bug bites differently, so if you have bites and you have not seen an insect, please consult your physician. Bed bugs tend to bite in a linear pattern. Although they can’t transmit diseases, infection can occur if the bites are scratched. Anyone can get bed bugs. They often bite areas that touch your bed, such as your arms, back, face, neck, and legs. Bed bug bites often appear as raised bumps or blisters in a pattern. They look different for each person, and some people don’t have a reaction.

How Do Bed Bug Infestations Spread?

If the potential for bringing home bed bugs intimidates you, you’re not alone. Bed bugs can catch a ride with you when you’re traveling. They spread from place to place by hitchhiking on bags, luggage, clothing, and people. They often catch a ride with vacationers traveling through airports, hotels, resorts, rentals, and commercial lodgings. Bed bugs can even be spread by sitting in a seat previously used by a passenger with bed bugs. Packages and electronics delivered from an infested location can also introduce the bugs into your home. While a bed bug infestation sounds scary, it is possible to prevent it from happening.

How to Avoid Getting Bed Bugs When Traveling

When traveling, be sure to examine the room thoroughly before settling in. Always inspect a hotel bed before sleeping, and don’t leave your luggage where bed bugs might find it. When you’re traveling, be sure to keep your suitcases off the floor and bed. Only bring in the luggage that you need. Use the following preventative measures to avoid getting bed bugs while traveling:

  • Put luggage in the bathtub or bathroom
  • Use a flashlight and look over the closet, luggage stands, and baseboards
  • Check behind and around the headboard
  • Pull back the sheets, mattress cover and look for signs
  • Inspect seams and cracks in the bed frame
  • Carefully check the bedding, mattress, and box spring
  • Examine nightstands, dressers, and other furniture
  • Periodically inspect your suitcase and clothing
  • Check for bites on your body each morning
  • Look for blood spots on the bedding

How to Prevent Bed Bugs From Getting on Your Clothes

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of bed bugs is to keep them away from your clothes and belongings. Clothing is one of the most common ways bed bugs move from place to place. Don’t set any items of clothing on the bed or floor. Hang up your purses, backpacks, or other items. Always wash and dry your clothing on high heat right away after returning home from a trip. The heat of the laundering process will kill all life cycle stages of bed bugs.

How to Prevent Bringing Bed Bugs Home

If you find yourself exposed to bed bugs while traveling, don’t panic. There are several measures you can take to prevent them from spreading. If staying at a hotel, immediately notify the staff. Inspect your luggage carefully when packing. When you arrive home, inspect your luggage again. If your suitcases are contaminated, seal them in plastic bags and don’t bring them inside the house. Use the following preventative measures to avoid bringing bedbugs into your home:

  • Inspect your things carefully before packing or unpacking
  • Check seams and crevices in suitcases and backpacks
  • Don’t bring your luggage inside right away
  • Seal contaminated luggage in plastic bags
  • Check all travelling items after returning home
  • Dry clothing and bedding on high heat for 30 minutes
  • Don’t store your suitcase or backpack under your bed

Consult With a Pest Control Professional to Identify Bed Bugs

Before rushing to any conclusions, consulting with a pest control professional is essential. Our experts at Rose Pest Solutions will inspect your space and identify the presence of any pests. Bed bugs are often confused with other species of pests that look similar. Knowing what pest is present in your home is the first step in treating and eliminating them from your property. Our team uses safe and effective methods to eradicate and prevent pests from returning. We offer excellent preventative plans to keep your home or business pest-free all year. Contact us to learn more about our professional pest control services.

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