Tips to Keep Your Pantry Free From Pests

4 Tips to Keep Your Pantry Free From Pests

The season’s changing once, again. Maniacal pumpkin grimaces have faded into decaying toothless grins and light up bats are being replaced with Christmas lights. As you switch the snacks in your pantry from candied apples to gingerbread men, Rose Pest Solutions reminds you to check the integrity of your perishable items while checking expiration dates. Go through the fridge. Pull out the stove and vacuum crumbs and food debris up that may have fallen ages ago. While a lot of common pests are pretty easy to track, pantry invaders sneakily enter your home in incognito mode.

Identifying Pantry Pests

Pantry pests are, just what they sound like, pests that can end up in your pantry! Improperly stored rice, flour, cereals, or spices are the targets of these annoying pests. You normally won’t notice an infestation until it’s too late. The rice weevil, saw-toothed grain beetle and Indian meal moth are the top culprits. Properly identifying your pest is the first step of getting rid of it. Take some time to learn more about the pests mentioned below by clicking on their name.

Confused flour beetle Indian Meal Moth Rice weevil
Flour beetles Indian meal moths weevils

Keeping Pantry Pests Out

  1. Check food items at store before purchasing to make sure there are no holes or tears in packaging. Sift through items before using at home.
  2. Keep pantry items stored in sealed, air-tight containers.
  3. Use hot, soapy water to wash out cabinets, wipe crumbs from from counters, and sweep crumbs up from the floor.
  4. Look for cracks and holes around pantry and seal them using steel wool or silicone.

Healthy Home Maintenance Program

Sanitation goes a long way to prevent pest problems; especially pantry pests. Practicing these prevention tips, along with our Healthy Home Maintenance Program‘s quarterly visits will provide protection you need all year ’round, and peace of mind you deserve. Our professional crew is only a phone call or click away. Learn more about the steps we take to meet your individual needs and the skills we teach to help you maintain a happy, healthy, pest-free home.

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