So, we didn’t really have much of a winter this year. I’d say it was more like “Sprinter”…(ya know, spring+winter. LOL) This only means whatever we knew of seasonal pests could be very different this year as the ground thaws.

One pest, dubbed “the silent destroyer”, is one that isn’t thought of typically until it’s too late. Which pest am I talking about?



dun dun dunnnnnn!!!!!

So let’s look at signs of termites.
When you’re working on your garden, landscaping or planting flowers this spring, you’re bound to stir some soil-dweller creatures up. But, here are some photos of damage or activity that you may have overlooked last time you were in your basement.

termite tubing on wood framing resized 600

See those mud tubes in the above photo? That’s what termites make!

termite nymphs and adults great 2 resized 600

These off-white things above are NOT maggots. They’re termites.

The next set of images will show you the differences between ants and termites.
Mistaking termites for ants is very common.

termite swarmer and ant swarmer resized 600termite worker vs. ant workertermite swarmer vs. ant swarmer

There are so many different-looking signs of termites. If you aren’t comfortable diagnosing your home’s situation, we’re a phone call away. We’re happy to investigate and make sure your house isn’t being eaten by these SILENT DESTROYERS!!!

Sounds so scary, doesn’t it?!?


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