Rose’s professional ant exterminators are like doctors for the pestworld. How? When you’re really sick and you go to the doctor, you get a prescription for your specific sickness. Right? Unfortunately there’s not just one pill that cures every illness in the world. So, how does that make Rose technicians like doctors?


Every pest situation is unique in its own way. There are hundreds of ant species in the midwest alone.

There’s not one magical ant trap that you can throw down and cure every infestation.

There’s so much more to it! Every pest control service begins with a thorough inspection. This is where the technician studies your unique type of pest, why it’s there, where they’re gaining access to your abode, etc. Once these things are discovered and determined, the technician prescribes the best treatment for that specific pest. Some infestations require follow ups (just like your doctor may recommend) to ensure colony elimination. Other pest infestations require routine maintenance (just like a person’s allergy condition).

rose service technician

The moral of this story is…ants may seem easy to defeat at first, but there’s so much more that goes on in an ant colony that you don’t even see. That’s why Rose’s ant exterminators are here for you. We’ve got over 150 years of studying this science. Trust us. You’re in the best hands you could ever ask for.



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